Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Gourmet Food: Sugarfina // Popcorn

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Volcano Candles: Small ($18) // Large ($30)

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Chunky Knit Beanie + Scarf Set

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Holiday Earrings: Left // Right

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Beauty Gifts: Face Masks // Scrunchies // Jade Roller

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

Cozy Gifts: Fuzzy Socks // Candles

It seems like every year no matter how well I think I’m ahead of the game, Christmas sneaks up on me and I’m scrambling last minute to buy gifts! My house is conveniently located across the street from a Francesca’s and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it has saved me on many occasions. I can always count on Francesca’s for some of my favorite gift items such as the oh so popular Volcano candles. I don’t know a single girl who does not squeal when they open up a Volcano candle gift! It’s a fool proof gift for all ages. It’s seriously the gift that knows no bounds!

One of my favorite parts about Francesca’s gift selection is that they have funny and unique gifts which is always a safe bet to give someone who is extremely hard to buy for or that already has everything else! Whether you are looking for the cozy lover, beauty lover, the girl who has everything or your sister who is impossible to buy for, I promise you there is something for everyone at Francesca’s! Just a heads up that today is the last day for FREE standard shipping before expedited shipping costs start to occur. You have until 11:59 CST!

*Thank you Francesca’s for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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Neocell Collagen Protein Review

Neocell Collagen PowderNeocell Collagen Powder Neocell Collagen Powder

Neocell Collagen Powder

Neocell Collagen Powder

I’ve been using Neocell’s collagen powder for close to six months now. I had started seeing collagen powder products pop up all over Instagram and felt like I was missing out on something exciting by not taking it! That’s the power of social marketing for you 😉 Everyone raved that it was so good for your hair, nails, skin and joint pain. So what did I do? I got some. I drank the koolaid – literally!

After having two hip surgeries and still having pretty chronic hip pain, I hoped that collagen powder could act as a natural remedy. In addition to the hip pain I was hoping to cure, I also desperately wanted something to help my damaged hair. After taking out my hair extensions, I sadly had quite a bit of breakage and hair loss.

Now here is a disclaimer but hear me out. The results definitely aren’t overnight and it’s for sure one of those things that the results are more inward than outward but overall I’m telling you that I feel so much better! My joint pain isn’t gone but it has improved. My hair isn’t noticeably longer but it’s so much stronger and healthier looking!

Recently, I’ve had so many of you ask if I’m doing anything different with how I’m styling my hair or the hair products I’m using and the answer is no! The only thing I’ve done differently is take this collagen powder so if it’s looking better, that’s what I attribute it to! And while I can’t see a huge difference in my nails, my nail tech made a comment recently that I had the strongest, best nails she had seen in awhile! So I guess something has to be working 🙂

You might remember a few months ago I hosted a girl’s brunch at my house and made it a mission to put Neocell collagen powder in everything I made to see if my friends could even tell a difference. Everything from the mini donuts, to the chicken and waffles, to the smoothie bar all had collagen powder in it and to no surprise, not a single person could taste a difference!

For the past six months, I’ve used Neocell’s flavorless collagen powder that I literally put in just about everything (coffee, smoothies, eggs, soup, cookies, etc.) but they just came out with a berry lemon flavor and it’s so good! So far I’ve tried it in smoothies, hot tea, wassail, and the occasional cocktail. You can also add it to water or a carbonated, clear drink.

If you are like me and take care of everything and everyone else before tending to yourself, I urge you to take some time for yourself this holiday season and invest in your health! I sound like my mother but it’s the only body you have and it will only take care you of you if you take care of it!

* Thank you Neocell for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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My Christmas Wish List


Dear Santa…. please just leave your credit card under the tree 😉 But if not then these things will do! My family has been hounding me for my Christmas list so I thought if I was rounding up my list for them I might as share with you ladies as well! Safe to say I’m loving leopard and cozy things. Surprise, surprise! What are you asking for? I’d love to hear!

Christmas Wish List
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GIFT GUIDE: Coworkers


Continuing on with the holiday gift guides, this one is for all of the coworkers, employees, bosses and business acquaintances. I put a lot of thought into these gifts to hopefully make your holiday shopping a lot easier! Click any of the images above in the collage or below in the swipe through carousels to shop the items!

1. Coffee Mug/Thermos/Tumbler

As cliche as it sounds, no guy or girl can pass up a new coffee mug, especially if they are a coffee lover! My personal favorites are the ones with funny sayings or my initial.

2. Work Bag

Most working ladies don’t want to carry a purse and laptop bag so a larger tote is usually a good compromise. Check out some of my favorites below.

3. Desk Necessities

From one 8-5er to the next, there are a few desk necessities that after being in the office for a few years I can’t live without. Some of these items include picture frames (let’s make it a little homey in the office!), ceramic tray (for rings and other jewelry that might get in the way of a keyboard), and a docking station (to charge phone/ipad).

4. Wrap

For some insane reason that I will never understand, office buildings are always the equivalent of the North Pole temperature year round. I always keep a few different colored cardigans/wraps at work for this purpose.

5. Funny Gifts

And if you just have no idea what to get your coworker, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

Gift Guide for coworkers, employees, bosses and business acquaintances
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Day 2: Cozy Gifts


Cozy gifts really do make the best gifts which is why this gift guide is always one of my favorites to make each year! Some of my go to gifts for ladies in my life who seem to have everything are always something on the cozy spectrum whether that be my favorite $10 candle (volcano knock off) and a bottle of wine or arguably the best cozy throw of all time.

Don’t forget that today is day 2 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. If you are just joining, check out all of the details HERE and a running list of the giveaways HERE.

Gifts for the Homebody, Cozy gifts
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