Fruit Frenzy: Lemons and Watermelons

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Summer time fruit madness is in full effect! Lemons and watermelons are my current fruit crushes but you will find almost every fruit under the sun plastered on swimsuits, shorts, tank tops and everything else this season. I can’t stop wearing this $10 watermelon tee (size up!) under all of my overalls and own both of these $15 pool floats (here and here).


Watermelon Summer Trends
Lemon Summer Trends
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May Top Ten


How are we already half way through the year?! Time is seriously flying and I can’t believe I am coming up on my one year “non-workiversary”. September will make an entire year that I have been blogging full time and it still blows my mind that I get to do something that I love every day.

Continuing on with the monthly top favorites, or the most purchased items by all of YOU, it is no surprise that we have some “repeat offenders”. Several of May’s top selling items were top sellers for previous months as well such as the Gucci belt dupe, Abercrombie overalls, and my tried and true Levi jeans that just so happen to be 50% off!

And as a reminder on how I obtain the monthly top ten data…

I use an affiliate program called rewardStyle. This means that if you click on any link- whether it be from my Instagram or blog- that takes you to a product page on a retailer’s site and rewardStyle is able to track that it originated from me. Some affiliate programs will pay the influencer for every click that they generate from their site. RewardStyle pays per purchase made. This means that if you click on one of my links and then end up purchasing that item, I will get a small commission (usually between 7-12%).  Many bloggers use this same program as part of their revenue source.

Because I use this service I do have access to data analytics. This means I can track what items are clicked on and purchased. I cannot see who clicked on them or what other items might have been purchased. For example, if you click on my Abercrombie shorts link and then purchase a swimsuit and a top in the same transaction, I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and that the shorts link is how you got to the retailer’s site.

These analytics are incredibly important to me because it allows me to see what all of you are liking. At the end of the day, this little blog business of mine is meant to be a resource for all of you so having the ability to track and measure each product’s success is invaluable. Coming from a Finance background, I tend to geek out over the analytics side of it as I find it incredibly intriguing what all of you are liking, buying and clicking on the most! It gets my gears turning because I genuinely want to bring you products that you are going to love and want to buy (at the right price point of course)!

Like I mentioned, this little blog is a full time business for me which means I am so appreciative when you choose to click and shop through my links – whether that be on Instagram or the blog. I have poured everything I have into being a resource for all of you so that hopefully it makes your life a little bit easier. I know that shopping through my links is an extra step for you, but please know it makes all the difference to me. It is how I am able to continue sharing great deals, try on sessions, and everything else. O and it allows me to pay my bills 🙂

All of that is to say, shopping through my links does not cost you anything additional (the item is the same price), the retailer will just pay me a small cut since I am the one that referred you. Please know I am so thankful when you choose to shop through my links and give me credit for helping you score a great find!

Now presenting… May Top Ten!

This jumpsuit was by far the number one seller! Perfect for any Spring/Summer events, especially for a more casual wedding attire. It has a detachable halter strap and pockets! Fits true to size but if you have a bigger chest I would size up.

This criss cross back tank and jeans both made the monthly top ten! The tank is now marked down to just $16 and makes the perfect Summer date night look. It runs true to size (wearing an XS). The jeans are currently 50% off making them just $45 and they also run true to size (wearing a 25).

This little top and shorts combo also made the top ten and probably got the most wear from my closet! I found myself reaching for this tank more than I thought that I would! I’ve worn it with jean shorts, white pants and even tied up with a skirt. It’s also under $25 and runs true to size (wearing a 25). The linen shorts come in 7 colors, are SO comfortable and are currently on sale for just $23.

Y’all must be buying entire outfits this month because again these overalls and watermelon tee were in the top ten! The watermelon tee is one of my favorite Summer staples from last year and is just $10! Make sure to size up. The overalls run true to size (wearing an XS) + come in 4 colors.

Y’all loved this swimsuit that is a designer dupe for this $300 one! I suggest sizing up as it does run a little small length wise.

This little tank has been on repeat! I own it in 5 out of the 7 colors and wear it almost daily. I love tucking or tying it up with shorts or wearing it under overalls. If you plan on drying it, size up!

These matching swimsuits were a HUGE hit and for good reason! They are relatively cheap and super cute. I love the knot detail. They run true to size (wearing an XS in both) but if you have boobs or a butt at all I would suggest sizing up.

And last but not least is the Gucci belt dupe that has been a top seller for 6 months now and is constantly going in and out of stock. Click here for the small Gucci belt dupe and here for the large one!

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Vegas in 48 Hours

Vegas in 48 Hours

Serious question: How can a hangover last longer than the actual trip? Apparently not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

My baby sister turned 23 this past weekend and what better place than Las Vegas? Imagine The Hangover (movie) minus the strippers, tigers, and unexplained baby and you’ve got a good idea at what 48 hours in Vegas looks like. I lost my phone to the pool you see pictured above so the pictures from the weekend are few and far between because unfortunately some things that happen in Vegas actually do stay in Vegas.


We stayed at the MGM Grand Las Vegas mainly because it was cheap, relatively nice and housed two of the clubs that we wanted to attend (Wet Republic and Hakkasan). I’ve been to Las Vegas before and stayed at the Palazzo which is a bit nicer but not as conveniently located. Nonetheless everything is just an Uber away and honestly there are few places you can go wrong hotel wise in Vegas! My one piece of advice is to try to plan out what events you want to attend while you are there and if you can stay on sight or within walking distance to some of your events, it will cut down on Uber expenses.


Use this website to find out what concerts will be going on, where and how to buy tickets. We attended two pool parties and two nightclub concerts while we were there. Pool party wise, we saw Kygo at Encore Beach Club and Calvin Harris at Wet Republic. Concert wise, we saw The Chainsmokers at XS at Encore and Zedd at Hakkasan. If you are going with a group of girls, it is not unlikely to get approached by promoters to get into concerts for free. This is 100% the way to go if possible. They will give you their phone number and get your group in for free. Unfortunately if you are going with guys, this will not work.


While we did not go to any shows this trip, it is certainly a fun thing to do in Vegas! You can use this website to see what shows are in town and buy tickets. I have attended several Circque du Soleil shows and they never disappoint. If you are going with a group of girls, especially for a bachelorette party, you’ve got to experience Magic Mike in real life via Chippendales or Thunder From Down Under.


This one is not my area of expertise so I will just leave a few places that my family can’t go to Vegas and not go to for dinner. First one being Giada’s and the second being Emerils. The Grand Lux is a great breakfast option. Most hotels will have a food court and restaurants inside so if you are looking for a convenient food option or late night snack, look no further.


If you are planning to attend any pool parties the attire ranges all over the place. If you want to be extra, Las Vegas is definitely the place for it so don’t be afraid to go all out! Keep in mind that you will most likely be taking your clothes and shoes off and leaving them in some random place by the pool. I learned the hard way that stuff does get taken. So don’t wear your brand new $200 cover up (RIP cover up). Other than that you will certainly see girls wearing heels with their bikinis but honestly you can’t go wrong wearing a swimsuit, kimono and sandals. As far as going out, it’s Vegas! Meaning throw on your sexiest attire, red lips, and high heels! See below for some of my outfits.

Las Vegas Pool party attire

Las Vegas Nightclub

Las Vegas Pool party attire

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Memorial Day Sales 2018

Red white and blue Memorial Day sale outfits

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! I hope you have something fun or relaxing planned for the holiday weekend. I am on the road again to Dallas to celebrate all weekend long. If you are still in need of a festive outfit, I styled 20 red, white and blue outfits for you here that you can easily recreate with something in your closet! I probably won’t be able to share as many sales on Instagram as I normally do so I wanted to round up the best sales here for you ladies! Happy shopping 🙂

Abercrombie // 40% OFF everything – all of my sale picks here

Anthropologie // Extra 25% OFF sale

Ann Taylor // 40% OFF purchase – Code: SOREADY

Banana Republic // 40% OFF everything – Code: BRSUMMER

Express // Everything up to 50% OFF

H&M // Up to 60% OFF + deals starting at $5

J.Crew // 40% OFF purchase – Code: GETAWAY – all of my sale picks here

J.Crew Factory // 50% OFF everything – Code: WINWIN – all of my sale picks here

LOFT // 40% OFF everything – Code: LONGWKND – all of my sale picks here

Old Navy // 50% OFF select items – all of my sale picks here

Nordstrom // Half Yearly Sale – Up to 40% OFF items – prices as marked – all of my sale picks here

Target // Up to 30% home & patio + 40% off Summer sandals

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I Got Hair Extensions!

Capelli Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Capelli Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Capelli Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

I got hair extensions and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I feel like a reincarnated Kardashian. I’d also be lying if I didn’t say I’ve received more compliments on my hair than I ever have!

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting hair extensions for some time now especially after I accidentally got them in September of last year. Yep, you read that right. After one too many glasses of champagne at New York Fashion Week, I told my hair stylist for the day that I had always wanted to see what hair extensions would look like on me so she put some in my hair! I instantly loved them. Then our convo went a little south.

Me: “I love them. Ok we can take them out now.”

Her: They are permanent! Well kind of.

Me: …….come again?

Her: Yea, you have to go to a salon every 6 weeks or so and have them adjusted!

Me: *downs Champagne*

What kind of hair extensions did you get?

I got Capelli Keratin Bond 20″ extensions. We used 4 different colored bundles for my hair. One lighter, one darker and two close to my natural hair color. Your hair stylist should be able to color match you!

How are they attached to your hair?

Keratin bond extensions are individually fused to your hair in very small sections with a heating tool. The bonds are carefully and strategically applied throughout the hair to camouflage the bonds. This means you should be able to put your hair up and not be able to seem them at all which was NOT the case when I had tape in extensions.

Where did you get them done?

I go to Sharon at Trademark Salon for my cut, color and now extensions. I cannot recommend her enough! I have always been more than pleased with my services. In fact, she is the first hair stylist that I have gone to more than once which is saying A LOT because I had never been happy with my hair until finding Sharon. And I tried five Houston salons before finding Trademark! For those that aren’t in the Spring area, she is well worth the drive! If you are not local to Houston and are interested in Capelli Hair Extensions, you can find a salon near you by using Capelli’s store locater.

Trademark Salon Location:

10300 Louetta Rd #106, Houston, TX 77070

How much do they cost?

Definitely the number one asked question and the short answer is that they are an investment. That being said, the cost really is dependent on the person and look you are wanting to achieve. Cost is determined by several factors the main two being desired length and volume. If you just want volume, this is much cheaper! But once you start adding length, this is where it gets more and more expensive because you have to add considerably more hair so that the hair does not look stringy. Since I wanted to add volume and 6 inches to my hair, my service fell under the most expensive package: $1,200. While the salon does not offer discounts, they do give referral discounts on future hair services!

Do they damage your hair?

The verdict is still out on this one as I have not tried taking them out yet and that is supposedly when they can damage your hair. I have heard horror stories from some of you that when they were removed that you lost a lot of hair. My hair stylist assured me that as long as you have a well trained stylest and good quality extensions, you should not have an issue with hair loss or damage. I will keep you all posted on this one!


While these extensions are certainly pricey, I did my research before committing to them and the number one reason why they beat out other types is because these last 3-5 months depending on how fast your hair grows out. Since my hair does not grow very fast this type of extension seemed best for me to achieve the voluminous long locks I wanted! After the bonds are broken (meaning after they are taken out), the hair is not reusable. So you are looking to pay full price for the next go around.


I was surprised how comfortable these have been from the start! I heard from others that they would feel “heavy”, that they would make my head hurt or that they would take some getting used to. From the time that they were put in my hair, I have never even noticed them! The only thing that took some getting used to was the first night of sleep but after that I was good! You will definitely be able to feel the bonds if you try to run your fingers through your roots of your hair so you do have to be careful there.


You can wash, dry, brush and style your hair pretty much the exact same way as without extensions. Washing does take a little more precision to get the roots clean but nothing out of the ordinary. I was also instructed to get this bristle brush so that it would not pull my hair or bonds out. Since the bonds can easily get matted, you should brush your hair several times a day. I always brush my hair first thing when I wake up and last thing before I go to bed but also try to brush throughout the day as well! At night, it is best to sleep in a braid so that you don’t tangle or mat the bonds.


Unlike the tape in extensions, you should be able to style your hair any way you want for the most part and not have them show: ponytails, braids, up dos, half up-half down, etc. I will say that one thing that has taken some getting used to is that the extension hair is a different texture than my own therefore it holds curls differently. Just something to note. Also, because of how many I have in my hair, I have seen a major increase in the time it takes to blow dry my hair. It used to take me about 5-7 minutes, it now takes closer to 20. Curling my hair takes maybe a couple minutes longer but honestly is about the same.


I use all of my same products to wash and style my hair as I did before having extensions. The only addition is my brush and it is definitely a must for these types of extensions. Click through below to see the products that I use to style my hair. When it comes to shampoo and conditioners, I honestly trade off between several brands and have not found one that I can commit to a long term relationship with!

I am in LOVE with my new hair. I honestly don’t think I could ever go back. That being said, only time and my current bank account status will tell if it becomes a long term commitment. For those that are maybe thinking about getting hair extensions, this would be my advice for you. If you are just wanting extensions for a one time event (for ex: wedding, prom, etc), a more affordable and less permanent option like clip ins would probably be best for you. If you aren’t ready to make the monetary commitment to fusion bond hair extensions, then tape in extensions might be a good route for you. And lastly, if you are wanting a more permanent solution than clip in or tape in extensions, I cannot say enough good things about my fusion hair extensions. While they are pricey, I 100% think they are worth it. For the amount of overall length and volume I wanted, my two choices were fusion bond extensions or NBRs (natural beaded rows). While I love how NBRs look, the upkeep and price were far too committal for me. Fusion bonds were what worked best for everything that I was wanting and I am SO happy with the outcome!

If there are any other questions that you would like answered about my hair extensions, please leave them below in the comments and I will answer them there!

*This post is done in partnership with Capelli Hair Extensions and Trademark Salon. All opinions are my own.*

The Truth about Hair Extensions
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