New York Fashion Week 2018

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

My third year of New York Fashion Week is officially in the books! This year was fast and furious to say the least since it was smack dab in between two other trips. I had two full days in the city and I tried to make the most of every minute! There were lot’s of meetings, new friends, and rooftops and very little sleep but I wouldn’t change it for the world because I feel so blessed to have these opportunities do be doing what I love! Life motto lately: “You can sleep when you’re dead”.

I only RSVP’d for one fashion show as my focus was more so on brand meetings and connections this year. Sadly, due to rain I didn’t even make the one show I was really looking forward to going to, Nicole Miller. Thankfully I still was able to make it to almost all of my other events and meetings. Some of my favorites this year included the Liketoknow.it party, Lulu’s party, Shopbop party, and OK Magazine party. No, I did not just party my little heart away during fashion week but due to privacy reasons I am not able to disclose several of the brand meetings that I had so that’s why you get a long list of parties instead 😉


Heck no! My first year that I went, I booked a plane ticket and hotel room and told myself that even if I didn’t get invited, it would be the trip of a lifetime to go to NYC during fashion week. No matter how small you are, if you do the work to pitch brands for fashion events, you will have at least a few events to go to. Even if you just go to meet with other fashion influencers and brands, it is 100% worth it! Getting invited to shows, showrooms, brand meetings, parties, etc are all the same. Most are not going to reach out to you unless you’ve already gone in years past. YOU have to do the work. This means sending out hundreds of emails. Read more about how to get invited to events here. And for the record, my first year that I attended NYFW, I had less than 5k followers and guess what? I still got invited to fashion shows:)


Fashion week (or honestly any trip to New York) is a great time to reach out to brands and PR companies that you have already worked with in the past. If you’ve never looked at the signature line of brands you’ve been emailing, you should start 🙂 Most are headquartered in NYC! There is nothing like putting a face to a name, especially when these brands work with hundreds if not thousands of other influencers. Anything you an do to make youreself stand out is going to put you ahead in this industry! Before fashion week each year, I will make a point to look through my collaborations over the past year and reach out to some of the brands that I have yet to meet with. I will just shoot them an email letting them know I am in town for fashion week and that I’d love to meet face to face. Some brands I’ve simply gone to their office, others I’ve met for coffee and then some already have scheduled events or showrooms during fashion week and will invite you to those!


Not going to lie, it’s hard. If you want to go to fashion week and not spend a ton of money on outfits the best ways to look baller on a budget are to rent, borrow or be gifted clothes. This definitely takes some time and effort but can be done several different ways. 1) Reach out to local shops before your trip and ask if they will let you pull some clothes to showcase during fashion week. Most places do this regularly for photoshoots or other events so they should be used to it. Mention you will tag them in all social posts giving them credit and they should be more than happy for the trade of services. 2) Reach out to PR companies or brands in NYC that have showrooms or might want to dress you for the week. Again, many brands do this so asking is not weird at all especially if you’ve worked with them in the past! They will appreciate the exposure opportunity. 3) Many PR brands have gifting suites during fashion week which means FREE CLOTHES. This is where it’s at ladies.


Have you thought about going to fashion week but not sure where to start, how to get invited, who to reach out to, etc? The posts below from years past should be helpful when thinking and planning to attend next season! If you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to answer them in the comments below!




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Day to Night: Reversible Pieces

White House Black Market Work Wear

White House Black Market Casual Style

Every time I ask you ladies what you want to see more of, the answer is always the same. The verdict is always one piece styled multiple ways because around here we are all about getting the most bang for our buck. Well let me introduce you to quite possibly the most genius idea to having more styling options without paying for multiple pieces: reversible clothing. White House Black Market has come out with a new Reversible Collection that is changing the game. The line includes reversible tops and dresses which is really amazing when you consider how many more outfits you can make when you get two for the price of one.

I am styling one top, two ways for you ladies but I also want to note that their reversible dress collection is just as fabulous. From work to weekend, I’m amazed that this collection can do it all. If you are in need of a little black dress, this is my favorite one from the reversible collection. Such a great option for work, date night, church or weddings!

Day Look

White House Black Market Work Wear

White House Black Market Work Wear

White House Black Market Work Wear

White House Black Market Work Wear

White House Black Market Work Wear

Blazer: WHBM | Tank: WHBM | Skirt: WHBM | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bag: Fossil

If you are looking for business professional clothing, White House Black Market has you covered! You will find suits that have a little more character than say your run of the mill, no personality black suit. For instance, I love that this skirt has a flounce hem which is something I have never seen before and is so flattering. If you are confined to wearing a suit everyday, you might as well have some fun with your options! My blazer also has a slight peplum detail to it that makes it stand out and hug your girly figure a little better than most. I particularly love that it is a three quarter sleeve which makes wearing a blazer in this southern heat a little more bearable.

Night Look

White House Black Market Casual Style

White House Black Market Casual Style

White House Black Market Casual Style

White House Black Market Casual Style

White House Black Market Casual Style

Tank: WHBM | Blazer: WHBM | Jeans: WHBM | Shoes: Similar | Clutch: Gigi NY

I almost couldn’t believe the transition from yellow to such a bold patterned top! My favorite part being that once turned to the patterned side, the yellow still shows on the bottom of the tank for a layered look. I styled this look for a casual Friday at the office but as soon as that blazer comes off, you are ready for after 5 cocktails! I’m already planning many nights out with this little tank.

One of the reason’s I have a particular liking to White House Black Market is that they cater to all sizes: regular, petite, plus and short sizing options! I am just shy of 5’4″ so finding petite clothing, especially work wear is always a struggle. For sizing reference I am wearing an XSP in the tank, OP in the jackets and a 00P in the jeans and skirt. I would say that everything runs very true to size.

Photos by: BanAvenue

*Thank you WHBM for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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June Top Ten

Continuing on with the monthly top favorites, or the most purchased items by all of YOU, it is no surprise that we have some “repeat offenders”. Several of June’s top selling items were top sellers for previous months as well such as the Gucci belt dupe and Abercrombie shorts.

And as a reminder on how I obtain the monthly top ten data…

I use an affiliate program called rewardStyle. This means that if you click on any link- whether it be from my Instagram or blog- that takes you to a product page on a retailer’s site and rewardStyle is able to track that it originated from me. Some affiliate programs will pay the influencer for every click that they generate from their site. RewardStyle pays per purchase made. This means that if you click on one of my links and then end up purchasing that item, I will get a small commission (usually between 7-12%).  Many bloggers use this same program as part of their revenue source.

Because I use this service I do have access to data analytics. This means I can track what items are clicked on and purchased. I cannot see who clicked on them or what other items might have been purchased. For example, if you click on my Abercrombie shorts link and then purchase a swimsuit and a top in the same transaction, I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and that the shorts link is how you got to the retailer’s site.

These analytics are incredibly important to me because it allows me to see what all of you are liking. At the end of the day, this little blog business of mine is meant to be a resource for all of you so having the ability to track and measure each product’s success is invaluable. Coming from a Finance background, I tend to geek out over the analytics side of it as I find it incredibly intriguing what all of you are liking, buying and clicking on the most! It gets my gears turning because I genuinely want to bring you products that you are going to love and want to buy (at the right price point of course)!

Like I mentioned, this little blog is a full time business for me which means I am so appreciative when you choose to click and shop through my links – whether that be on Instagram or the blog. I have poured everything I have into being a resource for all of you so that hopefully it makes your life a little bit easier. I know that shopping through my links is an extra step for you, but please know it makes all the difference to me. It is how I am able to continue sharing great deals, try on sessions, and everything else. O and it allows me to pay my bills 🙂

All of that is to say, shopping through my links does not cost you anything additional (the item is the same price), the retailer will just pay me a small cut since I am the one that referred you. Please know I am so thankful when you choose to shop through my links and give me credit for helping you score a great find!

Now presenting… June Top Ten!


These sandals jumped to the top of the leader board last week real fast! Over 100 of y’all bought these in one day! I bought them and brown and black. Since they don’t have half sizes, I sized up to an 8 from a 7.5 but regretted not getting the 7. I will say I think they do run true to size though. For $12.99 they look just like these Steve Madden ones but for a fraction of the cost. In fact, Payless has quite a few good shoes right now and they are all included in the BOGO 60% off sales so most are under $15!


It’s no surprise that the Gucci belt dupe stays in the top ten every single month. It is now available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

I have owned this pair of jeans since last Fall and once they went under $20 you ladies went crazy for them! They are so darn comfortable mostly because they are super stretchy. Honestly they are the next best thing after leggings and the best part is that they come in multiple colors and lengths (petite, regular and tall). They run true to size. I wear a 25 short.

This was my first month in a long time to show you ladies how to style one piece multiple ways and it’s safe to say y’all are fans because this dress was by far a top seller. I love that not only is it appropriate for work, it would be so cute layered as a midi skirt too!

These joggers surprised me how fast they made it into the top sellers! I loved them so much myself that I snagged one color in store and then ran home and ordered the other two. They are now on sale for under $40 but make sure to size down. I got an XXSP and normally wear an XS. I showed you ladies a couple ways to style them with a nicer blouse and pumps for a comfy chic office look. I’ve linked some of those blouses and shoe options below.

You ladies like your dupes! These Sam Edelman sandals were a hit as they are very similar to the $200 Tory Burch Miller sandals. They come in 6 colors and are now on sale for 40% off. Make sure to size up a half size!

This tank and shorts combo have placed in the top ten for fourth months in a row now so you know they are good. I own the tank in 6 colors and the shorts in 3 washes. I suggest sizing up in the tank (I wear a small) and the shorts (I wear a 25). The light wash is pictured above.

I sported more “hobo chic” outfits in June than probably socially acceptable but I’m glad you all loved them as much as I did. This sweatshirt is the second one that I own from The Daily Tay shop and is SO darn comfy. These $15 shorts aren’t bad either 😉 Both run true to size but I suggest sizing up in the sweatshirt for a more oversized fit.

I’m not sure what it was about this top, but it was a fan favorite! I love it for the warmer weather because it is nice and flowly so it doesn’t stick to you in the heat. It comes in 3 colors and is now 40% off! My favorite way to wear it is with a bralette.

After publishing my huge Wedding Style Guide, this dress proved to be the top rated wedding guest dress of the season! It comes in 7 colors and is so flattering. It features an open back, a lace overlay and hugs the booty just right! The ivory color is also a beautiful dress option for my brides for any engagement photos, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner and is currently 45% off!

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Bikini Body Ready with Ebay

Ebay Lululemon workout outfit

Would you believe me if I told you I scored this entire outfit (sunglasses and shoes included) for 30-60% off?! eBay does it again! I almost never pay full price for anything, especially name brand items, anymore before hitting up ebay.com and searching for it first. All of my designer items have come from eBay and my most recent discovery on my road to “bikini body ready” has been their athletic wear selection starting at just $14.99! *insert praise hands here*

Ebay Lululemon workout outfit

Ebay Lululemon workout outfitEbay Lululemon workout outfitEbay Lululemon workout outfit

Photos by: Banavenue

Up until a few weeks ago the only workout that my body was accustomed to was raising a glass of wine but with Miami swim week approaching I decided to kick the workouts into high gear. And by high gear I mean a few easy, at home workouts that can make you lose five pounds and gain a six pack in less than a month. Totally possible right?! The Internet says yes so that means it has to be true…

I’m a firm believer in fake it till you make it. While I feel like a total “newbie” working out, looking the part is half of the battle. Speaking from experience, your old college t-shirts and ratty shorts don’t make you feel all that pumped up to work out. Plus all of the cool gym kids these days are wearing Lululemon which apparently makes you feel 10X cooler and more excited to work out. The problem here is that I have never been able to justify Lululemon or other expensive activewear brands because before a month ago the most action my athletic clothes saw was a leisurely trip to Chick-fil-a and Target.

After my first at home workout, I decided to “treat” myself to a legitimate athletic outfit. I say treat lightly because you know I can’t buy anything full price when I can get it for less somewhere else! Since the Abercrombie and Hollister days, eBay has been my best kept secret for scoring great deals. For high dollar, out of stock, or designer items, eBay has saved the day and my wallet on countless occasions. Now that I have discovered their amazing stock of athletic wear, I’d be surprised if I ever pay full price for brands like LululemonAthleta, Lorna Jane or Nike ever again!

Most people I’ve shared my hidden secret with have had no idea that the majority of items on eBay are actually new with tags (NWT in eBay terms) and most have free shipping too. With over 1 billion listings, eBay can get overwhelming pretty fast if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to narrow down what you are looking for.


  • If the item is still online at the retailer site, copy the exact product name on the retailer’s site then head to eBay.com and paste it into the search bar. I almost always add NWT onto the beginning of the search so that it only pulls back listings that are brand new.
  • If the item is out of stock online, but I know exactly the name of the item that I am looking for, I will describe the item down to the size and color that I want. For ex: Aquamarine Cool racerback Lululemon tank size 4
  • If the item is out of stock online, but I don’t know the exact name of the item, I will describe the item as best as I can and still include size and color. For ex: blue racerback Lululemon size 4.


  • While bidding on high dollar items can pay off, I tend to stick to the “buy it now” option. It’s faster and easier to use while still scoring a great deal. I normally use the “make an offer” feature for designer purses, shoes and sunglasses but stick to the “buy it now” option for clothing.
  • I will only buy from sellers that accept returns. While I have personally never had a bad experience purchasing from eBay, I feel more comfortable knowing that I can return the item if it gets delivered damaged or not as pictured. This will be stated on the listing.
  • Make sure you check shipping prices! If a listing looks too good to be true, check the shipping cost before doing a happy dance. Some sellers will try to stick it to you with the shipping prices. I personally look for sellers that offer free shipping. This will be stated on the listing.

Bikini body workout routine

Now that you look the part, let’s work on that bikini body. For days that you can’t (or don’t want to) make it to the gym, these easy workouts get the job done for a full body workout with a major focus on your core.


3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

I do a series of abs but always include crunches, pike ups, and leg raises. For crunches I will always throw in some alternating sides to work my entire core and obliques. I stick to reps of 20 each: 20 up, 20 right, 20 left, 20 alternating sides. For pike ups, I will do 20 with my legs in a pike position and reaching towards my butt and then 20 reaching for my toes but every time you bring your hands down you also bring your legs down too making sure to never touch the ground (this is the hard part). For leg raises, I sit on my hands and raise my feet about a foot off the ground and hold it for 20 seconds. I do 3 reps of each of these exercises.


3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

Find a ledge or chair to do these exercises. I first do 3 reps of 20 arm dips with my legs extended. The key with all of these exercises is to flex your core. This will work out your abs as well. Next, I face down like I am doing a push up on the ledge. I do 3 reps of normal push ups and then staying in the push up position I will alternate bringing my knee up to my chest. This will work your abs and arms. Again do 3 reps of 20.

*Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Get ready friends! The big kahuna of sales is just two weeks away! I can assure you this sale is a marathon not a sprint so knowing how to prepare for it is MONEY! Literally, figuratively, emotionally. All of the above because if you don’t know how to shop it, I can assure you that it can be overwhelming. After three years of doing this, I know how to find the hidden gems before everyone else and I’m sharing all of it with all of YOU!


If you have been around here long enough, you know I haunt sales like it’s my job. Unlike other sales that mark down old or last season’s trends, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has BRAND NEW items (both Summer and Fall finds) discounted by up to 70% from brands like Tory Burch, Top Shop, MAC, Stuart Weitzman, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff and SO many more! The sale runs for 3.5 weeks with new items added each day and at the end of the sale, everything goes back to full price. You can view some of the first items that will go on sale here.


Early Access: Thursday, July 12 – Thursday, July 19

Public Event: Friday, July 20 – Sunday, August 5



Only Nordstrom cardholders will gain access on July 12th- a full week before the rest of the world. The reason this matters is because most of the good stuff WILL sell out before public access even opens. It happens every year. I finally bit the bullet this year and applied for the credit card because after two years of not having it, I know better. For those that are weary about owning another credit card, keep in mind you don’t even have to shop the early access sale with it, you just have to own it. I plan on using my usual credit card to pay for my Nordstrom Sale purchases so I don’t have to pay off more than one credit card! If you want to shop the sale early, APPLY ASAP so you can be approved before early access starts. Apply here.


The sale will bring out new items geared for Fall/Winter but there will also be items that you can wear now! While you might not be ready just yet to think about cold weather clothing, the deals that you will score now are well worth it later on. In years past my favorite items to shop for were leather boots, lightweight jackets, designer purses, jeans, everyday tops and beauty items. I highly suggest going through your closet now to see what items you actually need verses making impulse decisions when the sale comes.

I suggest looking at some of my popular posts from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to see what type of items you might be able to score this year. Here are a few popular blog posts from last year where you can see what items were on sale and also this should give you an idea of similar blog posts that I plan on doing for the sale this year.

Dressing Room Diaries





If you want to share what items you are shopping for this year, please do! Comment below and let me know what type of items you are looking for. I will be making a list and shopping those items as soon as the sale goes live (usually around 2 am CST). While the Nordstrom Sale will have literally hundreds of pages of sale items, it is my job to shop for what you ladies want. So send me your lists and let me do the hard part for you! I will also be checking as popular items come back in stock so once the sale starts, feel free to send me items you might have missed out on because items do get returned within the 3.5 week sale period!

Keep in mind that I will be shopping the sale in real time and will update you on the blog and social media with all of the best items including those that I think will sell out super fast. Make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Facebook as this is where I will be sharing sizing guides, favorite items, styling tips and giveaways before they make it to the blog!

Blog wise, you can expect to see similar blog posts to those last year as well as a shop tab (located in the drop down menu at the top of my blog) where I will have categories such as work wear, athletic wear, men’s, shoes, etc.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Nordstrom Anniversary SaleNordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Don’t forget to check out the 2018 catalog and let me know what you ladies are shopping for! I’ll see y’all back here and on Instagram July 12th at 2 am with all of the best steals and deals so rest up until then 🙂


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