Mother’s Day Gift Idea + Garmin Smart Watch Review

Mother's Day Garmin Smart Watch Review

Mother's Day Garmin Smart Watch ReviewMother's Day Garmin Smart Watch Review

Mother's Day Garmin Smart Watch Review

Mother's Day Garmin Smart Watch Review

Mother's Day Garmin Smart Watch Review

Last month at the RewardStyle Conference, I had the opportunity to meet with the Garmin team and learn all about their smart watch, the vívomove® HR. I instantly fell in love with it’s chic look and had to have my own. Since getting mine, Mama Adams has oohed and ahhed over it every time that I went home so when the time came, I knew exactly what to get her for Mother’s Day. I let her open her gift a little early this year so that she could be in these pictures with me and I’d say her face says it all of how excited she was to receive her own.

While Mama Adams has had a smart watch before this one, I have personally held off getting a smart watch up until now because frankly they just weren’t cute enough. With being in front of the camera 24/7 I didn’t want to invest in something that wouldn’t look good with every outfit. The whole point of a smart watch is to wear it all day, everyday to track your life so finding a watch that would look with everything from pjs to business casual was a must have. The biggest selling factor for me with the Garmin vívomove® HR is that it at first glance it looks just like a normal, fashionable watch but when instructed to “come to life”, the smart watch display transforms to give you all of the smart capabilities that it houses.

Garmin vívomove® HR can honestly do it all. Some of it’s features include tracking your steps, calories, distance, heart rate, and stress. Since it is able to connect to your smart phone, it can also alert you of incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminder and even social media notifications. Mama Adams is a pilates and golf lover so she is excited for all of the capabilities revolving around her active lifestyle whereas I was sold on the fact I could still be “connected” without constantly having my phone in my hand. There are so many times I will get a text message while working and then somehow I fall down a black hole of opening Instagram, scrolling my feed, watching stories, and then an hour later I realize I’ve just wasted an hour of my life all because I opened my phone to check a text message!

I could go on and on about all of it’s amazing features but I’ll just leave you with one more. The battery life on these watches is crazy good. They can last up to 5 days! This is almost unheard of with other smart watches and was another reason why Mama Adams made the switch. In fact it’s one of the main reasons that we are already looking into one for my Grandmother as well. Although it is a smart watch, it has been extremely easy to navigate and figure out which is why it would be an excellent gift for all ages.

With Mother’s Day in less than a week, I’m excited to share that Garmin is currently running a $50 off promotion so some of the vívomove® HR smart watches are as low as $150. Mama Adams opted for the Sea Foam with Silver Hardware watch (currently $150) while I have the Rose Gold Stainless Steel Case with Gray Suede Band (currently $299). The hardware and band are fully customizable depending your your lifestyle and preference. They ship in just 1-3 business days so you still have time to pick one up for mom, grandma or any other special lady in your life!

*This post is sponsored by Garmin. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions Q + A

Natural Beaded Row Extensions HoustonNatural Beaded Row Extensions Houston


I got Natural Beaded Row (NBRs) extensions originally founded and created by Danielle of DKW Styling. You can learn more about this kind of extension method here.


I got the 18 inch hair but you are able to get 18 or 22 inch. Once they are installed, your stylist will custom color and cut the hair to any length that you desire so that your new hair and real hair blend naturally.


I got two rows of hand tied hair. Each row has multiple pieces of hair attached to it so even if you get one row you would be adding a significant amount of hair. They are attached with a bead and string to create a track along your scalp and then the row of hair is sewn to that track. Since I have two rows in my hair, I have two tracks.


The initial install can take up to 6 hours. This is because they will need to color your hair, custom color the extensions, install the extensions, blend the two and style your new do!


They are an investment. That being said, the cost really is dependent on the person and look you are wanting to achieve. Cost is determined by several factors the main two being desired length and volume. If you just want volume, this is much cheaper! But once you start adding length, this is where it gets more and more expensive because you have to add considerably more hair so that the hair does not look stringy. Since I wanted to add volume and length to my hair, my service fell under the most expensive package which is upwards of $2k.


You have to go into the salon every 6-8 weeks to have the wefts moved up. This process is much less lengthy than the initial install. It can cost anywhere from $500-$800 each time you have them moved up which covers tightening, color, and style.


Yes! You do have to be a little careful at the root of your hair where the extensions are attached but other than that you can brush your hair like normal! I use a wet brush.


NBR extensions are supposed to be the “best” type of extension to minimize hair loss. While you will always have some natural breakage and fall out with extensions, NBRs are the best type because they have the least amount of contact points on your head. The more contact points, the more damaging.  Since these are only attached with minimal beads, they are proven to be less damaging than other types of extensions that have considerably more contact points such as beaded, fusion or even tape in extensions. As I have them for longer, I will keep you all posted on this one!


Yes! You can swim, workout and all that jazz just like you normally would. The only thing to be weary of is getting sunscreen on the extension hair as it can distort the color.


I go to Amanda at Amanda K Styling for my extensions and color and cannot recommend her enough! Not only does she do amazing work, her salon is beautiful and all of the girls that work there are so much fun! You’ll want to return before the 6-8 mark just to hang out for the day:) If you are interested in getting your hair done at Amanda K Styling, your phone consultation is FREE, but they do require a non-refundable booking deposit of $500 to book an appointment. Your deposit goes towards the price of your first visit.

Amanda K. Styling Salon
23907 Gosling Dr.
Spring, Tx 77389
(281) 216-3095


The hair lasts 4-6 months but depending on how well you take care of it could last longer. You are looking to make the initial investment of $1.5k-$2k twice a year.


This was one thing I wasn’t prepared for. With previous types of hair extensions I had no problems with them hurting or itching. That was not the case with these. Since I got two rows, my head definitely felt heavier than normal. I had a headache for the first couple of days. Sleeping the first night was a struggle. And they itched like crazy for weeks. All of these things are considered to be normal as your scalp/head is getting used to the new weight and hair.


You can wash, dry, brush and style your hair pretty much the exact same way as without extensions. Washing does take a little more precision to get the roots clean but nothing out of the ordinary. The best part of these extensions has been how much longer I can go without washing my hair! I can go around a week before really needing to wash my hair. even before the NBRs, I swore by my silk pillowcase and dry shampoo to prolong my hair washes. I went from having to wash my hair every 4 days to going upwards of 9 days with these extensions.

It does take a long time to dry and style the extensions. You are looking at anywhere between 2-4 hours total depending on the volume/length of your hair. I tend to let my hair air dry for an hour or so before blow drying the rest. This will significantly speed up the amount of time under the heat of the dryer. I usually pick one day a week where I know I don’t need to be anywhere (ex: Sunday afternoon) and wash/style for the week.


You should be able to style your hair any way you want for the most part and not have them show: ponytails, braids, up dos, half up-half down, etc. The only issue you will run into is that you can’t do pigtails or any type of hair do that would require you to part your hair down the middle. Since the rows of hair lay flat across your head they will slightly show if you part your hair down the middle of your head.

Something amazing to note is that the extension hair holds a curl SO wellI. I usually can get away with curling my hair once for the entire week with very minimal touch ups throughout the week. So while it does take quite a bit more time to wash and style your hair it does last so much longer than normal! Another thing to note is that it makes basically every hair style look SO much better. Braids are bigger and better, ponytails are fuller and overall your locks are much more voluminous. If you want to play around with hair accessories I have some of my favorites linked here.


I use all of my same products to wash and style my hair as I did before having extensions. Click through below to see the products that I use to style my hair. I have found that the extension hair is a little more textured than my natural hair so I have added in a heat protectant and deep conditioner.

I am in LOVE with my new hair. If you have always wanted long, luscious locks, this is your best bet. For those that are maybe thinking about getting hair extensions, this would be my advice for you. If you are just wanting extensions for a one time event (for ex: wedding, prom, etc), a more affordable and less permanent option like clip ins would probably be best for you. If you aren’t ready to make the monetary commitment to NBR hair extensions, then tape in extensions might be a good route for you. And lastly, if you are wanting a more permanent option, I cannot say enough good things about my NBR hair extensions. While they are pricey, I 100% think they are worth it. For the amount of overall length and volume I wanted, NBRs were what worked best for me and I am SO happy with the outcome!

If there are any other questions that you would like answered about my hair extensions, please leave them below in the comments and I will answer them there!

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Tuesday Trends: Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

One of my personal favorite trends as of recently has been hair accessories. Hair scarves started making their way into the scene last year and now you can add hair clips to that trend list too. Pearl clips, name clips, round clips, square clips, they are all trending! See below for a round up of some of my favorite hair accessories.

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20 Jumpsuits Under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuits under $20

Jumpsuit: Walmart // Sandals: Walmart // Bag: Walmart // Hat: Similar

I’ve been on a jumpsuit kick lately and by lately I mean pretty much since they became a thing. My love for jumpsuits run deep. The whole getting naked thing when you pee really doesn’t bother me. BUT if it does, I have the “jumpsuit” for you! This jumpsuit is actually a matching two piece set that looks like it is connected but really isn’t. And if you weren’t already sold, it has an elastic waist, stretchy top AND it’s just $12 TOTAL.

You ladies have been loving my Walmart finds which has made me hit up Walmart that much more. After finding this steal of a jumpsuit, I went on the hunt for more! I found 20 jumpsuits under $20 that I think all of you will love and linked them below. Some are even dressy enough for a cocktail party or wedding guest attire! PRO TIP: I usually search in the juniors section on walmart.com because the selection is usually cuter (in my opinion) and cheaper! Sizing wise: most of the styles come in sizes S-XL and I’d say they run pretty true to size.

Want to complete your look? Walmart also has a great selection of accessories that won’t break the bank. My leather sandals are under $30, come in 3 colors and are so comfortable! My straw bag is a designer dupe and is just $20. I’ve gone ahead and linked some of my favorite accessories below!

And if you are impressed with these Walmart finds, check out two of my other recent Walmart blog posts:



Photos by: BanAvenue

*Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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50+ All White Outfit Ideas

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Top: WHBM // Pants: WHBM // Shoes: WHBM

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfitsJumpsuit: WHBM // Shoes: WHBM

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Wedding Wednesday, All white outfits

Dress: WHBM // Shoes: WHBM

There are so many events come Spring and Summertime that require all white. From bridal events to Mother’s Day and Graduation, white outfits seem to be in full force. But do you feel like you see white all year until you actually go looking for it and then all of the cute items just seem to disappear? Or even worse everything that you try on is so cheaply made that you can even see your nude underwear through it not to mention every.thing.else.?! I got you girl.

Speaking from personal experience I usually tend to spend a little bit more on white clothing because white is a not so forgiving color to wear. You get something a little to thin and you are showing off absolutely everything and if you get something a little too tight, well say hello to imperfections you never knew you had. So even if it’s just for peace of mind, spending a little bit more for higher quality is something not to skimp on when it comes to all things white.

Everything that I am wearing in the pictures above is from White House Black Market, aka the “queen” of both black and white attire, not to mention amazing work wear as well. They are currently having a 40% off site wide sale with code 58586. As far as sizing goes, I love that WHBM carries petite, regular and tall sizing options in most of their styles! I am typically a size 00P in their pants and skirts and size 0 regular or XS in their tops, dresses, and blazers. (I am 5’4″)

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