Pajamas: Topshop | Bedding: Cstudio Home 

Photography by: Banavenue

This blog of mine is coming up on two years and I have yet to let you all into my home. This is probably for a few reasons, number one being that my place is a disaster 99% of the time (busy girl problems) and number two is that I am totally and completely decor challenged. The funny thing is that I can confidently say after 2 years of trying to get my room “just right”, I think I finally nailed it. Of course this all comes together when I am set to move at the end of the month. I have a feeling that I might add a few more things but for now I am so happy with my cozy chic bedroom.

My college bedroom decor was a bit childish- think flowers and way too much color. It was time for an upgrade. Post-college me knew I needed a more sophisticated room but also something that was still equal parts girly. I opted for a subtle shade of pink (the actual shade is called Quartz) and grey. I quickly noticed a theme when choosing my bedroom look and it is quite similar to how I shop for clothing. If you have followed the blog for even a little bit, you have probably heard me talk about my 3 C requirements: cozy, chic and preferably cheap 🙂

Cstudio Home’s bedding is just that all in one. After years of purchasing comforters, I have found that I am 100% a duvet girl. After experiencing the comfort of my new duvet, I feel bad for the 24 years I lived without one. Boy was I missing out on some of the best nights of sleep of my life. You know you’ve hit the jackpot in the bedding department when you wake up already counting down the minutes until you are back in bed.

If you are in the market for a bedroom facelift, I would highly suggest checking out Cstudio Home for all of your bedding needs. The quality and comfort is hands down the best that I have ever owned and that is saying a lot for someone as finicky as me. No matter what your style is, Cstudio has something for everyone and at every budget. Make sure to check them out!

*Thank you Cstudio Home for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*