Quiet Luxury Fall Haul

Walmart just released some new Fall arrivals and they are so on trend wether you are trying to nail the quiet luxury trend or want to wear them into the office, I am thoroughly impressed with everything and definitely recommend taking a look! You can’t beat these prices and the quality is some of the best I’ve ever purchased from Walmart.

If you don’t know where to start looking, I recommend checking out the Free Assembly, Scoop and Time and Tru lines. All three offer very on trend items at an affordable price. I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of my favorite finds at the moment below. Simply click on any of the images that you wish to shop!

*Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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Let’s Define Business Casual

What is business casual considered?

What is business casual considered?

What is business casual considered?

What is business casual considered?

What is business casual considered?

What is business casual considered?

Top: Abercrombie ($11) | Pants: Brandy Melville | Shoes: Calvin Klein

Photography by: Ban Avenue

Hi friends! It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted a Work Wear Wednesday look so I apologize! Since quitting my full time job, traveling the world and having major hip surgery it’s been hard to shoot looks for you but don’t worry there are lots of Fall/Winter looks and office inspiration coming to the blog soon.

A question that comes up a lot is always “what is considered business casual?”. I can guarantee that every person and company will define it a bit different. Handy dandy Google defines it as such: “relating to or denoting a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression”. In my opinion this is still pretty darn vague. The obvious answer is that it is somewhere between business professional (think suits, button downs, the whole shebang) and casual (jeans and a tee shirt).

The great thing about business casual being that it is somewhere in the middle of the two is that you can buy pieces that could either be dressed up or dressed down. For instance, my top that I am wearing in today’s post is just a “fancy” cotton tee that I wear on the reg with jeans or leggings. It actually comes in 5 colors and is only $11 right now so if you are needing a few basic tees I would highly suggest stocking up! Then take these pants for instance. While I did dress them up with a pair of heels, they could easily be worn on the weekend with a pair of slides or even dressed up to a bit more professional with the help of a blazer.

If you are still stuck on ideas for business casual I urge to check out some of my other Work Wear Wednesday posts as almost all of them would be considered business casual. I would also encourage you to always err on the overdressed side if unsure. After all it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. And as a last resort here are a few quick tips if you are still questioning business casual.

  1. No jeans or leggings– While I do know a few companies that allow jeans at the office, technically jeans are not considered business casual. Nope, not even if they are colored. There are so many options out there that are actually more comfortable than jeans anyway if you just search. My hands down favorite pair of work pants are these stretchy ones from Gap.
  2. Cover your shoulders– Wear a top or dress that has sleeves. Showing your shoulders in the office is considered unprofessional. That being said I almost always wear a sleeveless top but throw on a cardigan or blazer on top of it. This way you can ditch some clothing if need be when you escape the office.
  3. Length does matter– If you are questioning if it’s too short, it most definitely is. Even if you think you can get away with it, leave it for another occasion because chances are once you are sitting at your desk or in a meeting, you are going to be even more self conscious and uncomfortable than when you were debating wearing it in the first place.
  4. When in doubt, thrown on a blazer- Time after time blazers have come to every girl’s rescue. If you aren’t feeling your outfit or think it might be just a tad too casual, throw on a blazer. It will instantly bring your outfit up a few professional points. Trust me on this one 🙂

Since work wear is my most requested topic, I would love to hear topic ideas that you are specifically wanting to hear about. Feel free to leave a comment, message or email me with your suggestions.

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Blazer 3 Ways

If you’ve been around for a little bit, then you probably know that I hold a full time job and so that means I’m in my work get-up every day. It is important to me that I look chic yet professional. Before committing to this whole 9-5 business, I didn’t own a single blazer. Now I have an entire section of my closet devoted to them because I finally discovered how versatile they are! If there is one piece of clothing that I firmly believe investing in, it would be a nice suit, or at least a blazer. A lady in a suit is bound to turn heads and give off a strong first impression, not to mention they are a bold fashion statement that will never go out of style. So today I have teamed up with Citizen’s Mark to bring you guys three different ways to style one blazer. Also make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see how you can score $50 off any blazer from Citizen’s Mark.






Top | Blazer | Earrings | Shoes (SALE) | Purse | Rings

The number one use for a blazer is in the office so that is the first look that I wanted to bring you. Since a suit is normally thought to be masculine, pair something extra feminine with it like a skirt or dress. For an added contrast, try bringing in a print into the look like this paisley skirt. The fun thing about blazers is that you don’t have to always wear a matching pant and suit jacket. I often will pair my suit jackets with a fun pencil skirt or cropped pants, as well as my suit pants with a nice top and sweater.


After 5





Dress (similar) | Blazer | Shoes | Necklace | Sunglasses

Like I said before, pairing a blazer with a dress gives a nice contrast and is an easy way to take your 9-5 look into an after 5 setting. I decided to wear a pair of flats but to dress this look up a little more you could throw on a pair of heels or wedges. For a more formal and fitted look, pair a structured blazer with a dress that has a rich fabric and classic cut. For a more casual look feel free to play with prints, textures and different lengths.







Blazer | Shirt Jeans | Shoes | Purse | Earrings (similar)

The easiest way to take an outfit from super casual to casual chic is to throw on a blazer. It will instantly add a more tailored and trendy appeal to your casual look. One of the first things that I think of when I see the color navy is a nautical theme so that’s what I went with here. Stripes are a basic staple in any closet and pair well with almost everything! This outfit can really be worn with any shoe type from sandals to heels and for extra style points, pair your blazer with distressed denim jeans, a graphic tee, and heels.


From now until the end of March you can enjoy $50 off any of these beautiful blazers from Citizen’s Mark by using code ITSALLCHICTOME50. I am wearing the GVA Luxe Fit in all 3 of my looks today. From the moment I received my blazer in the mail, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and care that went into each detail. The wool collar is by far my favorite part and makes it a little different than any other blazer that I have seen. The fit is true to size and I love how slimming it is. It is also perfect for petite women like myself. I truly felt like this blazer was tailored specifically for me because it fit that well! If you have not heard of Citizen’s Mark, I highly suggest checking them out and their commitment to empowering women in the workforce by giving them the resources to look good while doing it.

Photography by: Kamden Photography



Blazer & Denim.

There is something about mixing fashion trends and changing it up from the norm that gets me excited! When I saw this blazer and it’s cute elbow patches I knew it would find the perfect home in my closet! Funny how when you know, you just know right?! 🙂 I wanted to dress down the blazer and try a simple pair of nice, denim jeans with it and then top off the look with some statement heels.


You can easily find me wearing this look to work on casual Fridays, to a lunch meeting, church, or a happy hour event. This look is so versatile since it’s very conservative, yet just the right mix of “boss lady” and casual.




I’m not ashamed to say that these earrings have been on CONSTANT repeat. Maroon is such a great fall/winter staple color that I wear non-stop. If you have been wanting some Kendra Scott earrings, I highly suggest this beautiful maroon pair!


If the houndstooth pattern didn’t sell me already, the elbow patches were a shoo-in. All I can say is if you do not own a single piece of clothing with elbow patches on it you are wrong! They add a vintage appeal to your clothing that makes it easy to dress up or dress down any outfit.



Blazer (similar) // Shirt // Jeans // Heels (similar) // Earrings

My jeans, shirt and blazer all came from Marshalls but I have linked the same or similar options for you. Happy humpday loves and hopefully this post inspires you to try this trend of pairing a blazer with your every day jeans. I personally think it makes for a very modern day boss lady, what do y’all think?!


Photography by: Kamden Photography