It might be 75 degrees in Houston today but that sure wasn’t the case last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows next week (kidding!). So today’s outfit is in hopes that Houston isn’t done with the winter weather quite yet! Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be opposed to pulling out my spring clothes but I feel like we just put them away less than 2 months ago. My winter clothes would be jealous if they only got to come out of hiding for such a short time. 🙂


These velour pants were my proudest find after the J Crew fall clearance sale. I scored them along with a few other pairs for $7. No, I didn’t leave a digit off of that price tag! They seemed too good to be true and I still think that they are. I wear them almost once a week to work while its cold because they are so comfortable and warm. Their rich color makes them a triple threat! I’ve linked a similar, more expensive pair below but I highly recommend hitting up your local outlet mall to find a pair. Since we are heading into spring, most stores have their winter stuff on major sale and I have seen these velour pants at many stores!


These booties were a splurge this season and well worth every penny. If I had a dollar for every compliment I have received I could buy another pair! I know the price tag is pretty big but if you are looking for some high quality booties I would highly recommend these. I always try to link a cheaper option for you as well so here are some very similar booties for only $38.



Sweater (similar) // Pants (similar) // Shoes // Earrings // Ring // Sunglasses

I hope you all are enjoying your week. It’s a four day work week for me which is exciting but somehow my short weeks seem to be my busiest! Anyone else have that problem? Last night I had a blog event, tonight I have bible study and tomorrow I have wine club, but I can’t complain because I secretly love being busy!

Photography By: Kamden Photography