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2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Can you believe it’s already time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale again because I most certainly cannot! This will be my 7th year covering the sale so if you have been around for awhile then you know what to expect! If you aren’t familiar with the sale, it includes never before seen name brand items that are marked down as much as 40% off! I like to personally stock up on basics that I can wear all year like denim, athletic clothes and shoes but you will see it all! There are thousands of items included across all categories- men’s, women’s, kid’s and home with crazy good deals in each.

Coverage wise from me, you can check out last year’s content here (including a HUGE try on session here). You all really liked the in store try on session with sizing and fit information so I will be doing the same this year as soon as the sale is live! For now, you can shop my initial picks from the online catalog below!

Since the online catalog opens up today, I am sharing my initial picks for women, men and home below! Items will fly off the shelves once the sale goes live so don’t hesitate on adding that item to your wishlist NOW. This way once the sale opens up to you, you can quickly move your wishlist over to your cart and check!

Don’t forget that Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns so don’t be afraid to load your cart up! Also, if you aren’t sure on size, order both sizes you are between and send the other back! Better to be safe than sorry. Once the sale goes live, check out as fast as possible as leaving something in your basket for more than a few minutes can mean you miss out!

Like every year, Nordstrom cardholders (Icon, Ambassador, and Influencer level) have the opportunity to shop the sale during Early Access. The date of when you get to start shopping is determined by your Nordstrom cardholder status, which is set by your annual purchase amount. If you don’t know what status you are, log in to your Nordstrom account and it should tell you at the top of your home screen!

If you are not a Nordstrom cardholder you can still shop the sale but not until July 15th! If you’re thinking about becoming a Nordstrom cardholder, it’s recommended to sign up before the upcoming sale. That way, you’ll gain early access to the sale and receive a $60 bonus note to shop. This is helpful since alot of items typically sell out well before the sale goes live to noncardholders. That being said, I only encourage you to do so if you can pay off your credit card in full. It’s not chic to go into credit card debt ladies!


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Get ready friends! The big kahuna of sales is just two weeks away! I can assure you this sale is a marathon not a sprint so knowing how to prepare for it is MONEY! Literally, figuratively, emotionally. All of the above because if you don’t know how to shop it, I can assure you that it can be overwhelming. After three years of doing this, I know how to find the hidden gems before everyone else and I’m sharing all of it with all of YOU!


If you have been around here long enough, you know I haunt sales like it’s my job. Unlike other sales that mark down old or last season’s trends, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has BRAND NEW items (both Summer and Fall finds) discounted by up to 70% from brands like Tory Burch, Top Shop, MAC, Stuart Weitzman, Free People, Rebecca Minkoff and SO many more! The sale runs for 3.5 weeks with new items added each day and at the end of the sale, everything goes back to full price. You can view some of the first items that will go on sale here.


Early Access: Thursday, July 12 – Thursday, July 19

Public Event: Friday, July 20 – Sunday, August 5



Only Nordstrom cardholders will gain access on July 12th- a full week before the rest of the world. The reason this matters is because most of the good stuff WILL sell out before public access even opens. It happens every year. I finally bit the bullet this year and applied for the credit card because after two years of not having it, I know better. For those that are weary about owning another credit card, keep in mind you don’t even have to shop the early access sale with it, you just have to own it. I plan on using my usual credit card to pay for my Nordstrom Sale purchases so I don’t have to pay off more than one credit card! If you want to shop the sale early, APPLY ASAP so you can be approved before early access starts. Apply here.


The sale will bring out new items geared for Fall/Winter but there will also be items that you can wear now! While you might not be ready just yet to think about cold weather clothing, the deals that you will score now are well worth it later on. In years past my favorite items to shop for were leather boots, lightweight jackets, designer purses, jeans, everyday tops and beauty items. I highly suggest going through your closet now to see what items you actually need verses making impulse decisions when the sale comes.

I suggest looking at some of my popular posts from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to see what type of items you might be able to score this year. Here are a few popular blog posts from last year where you can see what items were on sale and also this should give you an idea of similar blog posts that I plan on doing for the sale this year.

Dressing Room Diaries





If you want to share what items you are shopping for this year, please do! Comment below and let me know what type of items you are looking for. I will be making a list and shopping those items as soon as the sale goes live (usually around 2 am CST). While the Nordstrom Sale will have literally hundreds of pages of sale items, it is my job to shop for what you ladies want. So send me your lists and let me do the hard part for you! I will also be checking as popular items come back in stock so once the sale starts, feel free to send me items you might have missed out on because items do get returned within the 3.5 week sale period!

Keep in mind that I will be shopping the sale in real time and will update you on the blog and social media with all of the best items including those that I think will sell out super fast. Make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Facebook as this is where I will be sharing sizing guides, favorite items, styling tips and giveaways before they make it to the blog!

Blog wise, you can expect to see similar blog posts to those last year as well as a shop tab (located in the drop down menu at the top of my blog) where I will have categories such as work wear, athletic wear, men’s, shoes, etc.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Nordstrom Anniversary SaleNordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Don’t forget to check out the 2018 catalog and let me know what you ladies are shopping for! I’ll see y’all back here and on Instagram July 12th at 2 am with all of the best steals and deals so rest up until then 🙂