Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Galentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Shelbi’s Outfit // Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: LOFT | Shoes: Madewell

Kylee’s Outfit // Top: Nordstrom | Shorts: Express | Shoes: Addidas

Photography by: Ban Avenue

If you have yet to hear the term Galentine’s Day, you are missing out on a quality girl time opportunity my friends! Whether you are single or in a relationship, Galentine’s Day is (technically) celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th, and is the perfect excuse to grab your girls and have a good time- no boys allowed!

Galentine's Day

If you are late to the train or don’t feel like going up on a Tuesday, I hear that some ladies like to dedicate an entire weekend to Galentine’s celebrations. I’d just like to point out that these ladies and I would be great friends 😉 Whether you choose to celebrate today or another day, I wanted to share some easy ideas to have a great time. Forewarning: you’ll notice that several of these Galentine’s Day ideas have to do with wine. Not a coincidence. Boys come and go but your girlfriends and wine just seem to get better with time 🙂 Cheesy? Hey, at least it pairs well with the wine am I right?!


Why mess with a good thing? Wether you hit up a local wine bar or decide you want a bottle to yourself at home (#noshame), there is nothing better than wine and girl talk. Except maybe the addition of cheese and/or chocolate. Added bonus: you can add a theme for the night. Mask Chat- where everyone brings their favorite face mask so you can try out new ones! Game night- bring out the board games or my personal favorite- play charades and have each girl write down a few answers. After a few glasses of wine, this one tends to get pretty funny!


Adult sleepovers are highly underrated y’all. Maybe you had too much wine at wine night or you just want to relive the glory days- either way they are so much fun and the best way to ensure some serious girl talk. Haven’t seen each other in awhile? It might take all night and all the next morning to catch up on all the hot gossip 😉 Added bonus: binge watch a new tv series together or go see a new chick flick at the movies!


If you are on the go and want to be practical about how you spend your girl time, a mani/pedi or spa day is an easy way to catch up and be efficient if you are in dire need of a polish change. Block of an hour or two, invite a friend (or two!) and head to the spa to get a little pampering session. For all of my working ladies- this could even be on long lunch break.


Like us girls need an excuse to brunch! If you are wanting to celebrate with a big group, brunch is always a good option. If you aren’t a party planner, I’ll bet there is a cute, new restaurant that your group is dying for an excuse to try out! Know a place with $1 mimosas? Even better. But if you are a party planner, Galentine’s Day is a great excuse to put those Valentine’s Day decorations to use, invite your girls over and gab away. Added bonus: have everyone bring a dish or bottle of champagne and make the dress code pajamas only!


You know all of those crafts you pin on Pinterest but never actually attempt because #lazygirlproblems or #busygirlproblems ? They are actually quite fun especially when wine is involved! I suggest picking one that isn’t too labor intensive because chances are between the wine and girl talk, not much crafting will take place anyway 🙂


If you want a good time and the last laugh, karaoke is hands down a night to remember! Grab your girls, get fancied up (or not), and hit up a karaoke joint. Yea you could karaoke at home but what’s the fun in that? The thrill of totally embarrassing yourselves is what makes the night that much more memorable. And with the intent being a night out with the girls, you don’t have to impress a single person there so sing your little hearts out and don’t worry about who is watching.


Afterall, Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating girls so whether you want to go shopping, turn on a chick flick, pour some wine and online shop, it’s always better with some friends! If you don’t have a guy in your life this Valentine’s Day, even more reason to treat yourself to something nice. Added bonus: Valentine’s Day chocolate goes on sale February 14th so if you postpone your Galentine’s Day date until after this, I hear chocolate pairs nicely with your online shopping. See below for some of my favorite gift ideas for you and your gals. Click any of the images to shop them!