Hot Chocolate Recipe

One of my favorite guilty pleasures during the holiday season and well after Christmas, is Momma’s homemade hot chocolate. For as long as I can remember I have helped my mom make several batches of this goodness for ourselves and also as gifts to others. To this day I have at least one cup a day if not more! It is the perfect treat to remedy your sweet tooth and also to keep yourself warm. I can’t imagine the holidays without it!

I always venture out at restaurants to try and get my hot chocolate fix but I have yet to find any hot chocolate that competes with Momma’s. Seriously. If you find some, please let me know! You can also ask several of my friends that come over just to have a cup! I finally talked Momma into letting me share her magical recipe with all of you. Would you believe me if I told you it was only 4 ingredients?! Sometimes I can’t even believe it myself!

Holiday homemade 4 ingredient hot chocolate

Holiday homemade 4 ingredient hot chocolate

1 (8 quart) box of powdered milk

1 lb. box of Nestles Nesquick

1 (6 oz.) jar of hazelnut Coffee Mate

1 cup of powdered sugar

*This makes about 40 single cup servings*

Optional: peppermint sticks, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips

Make it boozy: Original Bailey’s or Salted Caramel Bailey’s 

Pour your powdered milk, Nesquick, Coffee Mate and powdered sugar into a container. Mix thoroughly and you are ready to serve. Serve 1/3 cup mixture to 2/3 cup hot water. Stir with a spoon. Garnish with your choice of a peppermint stick, mini marshmallows or mini chocolate chips.

If you are gifting the hot chocolate pour mixture into your small container so that it fills the container up about 2/3. You can find similar containers on Amazon here or I picked these up at my local Dollar Tree. Mason jars are also a cute alternative and can be used year round. Once you have poured in your mixture, fill the remaining 1/3 with mini marshmallows. Finish off your hot chocolate container with a bow to attach your peppermint sticks.

Step 1

Holiday homemade 4 ingredient hot chocolate

Step 2

Holiday homemade 4 ingredient hot chocolate

Step 3

Holiday homemade 4 ingredient hot chocolate

And if you want to make your cup a little boozy, our family’s favorite way to serve it is with Bailey’s! We go back and forth between original Bailey’s and Salted Caramel Bailey’s but you can’t go wrong with either one:)

Holiday Hot Chocolate Simple Gift Idea