Spring has officially kicked off and I could not be happier to pull out all of my warm weather clothes! Anyone else with me? My closet always seems a little less cheerful during the winter. Winter is known for darker colors and heavier materials. As soon as Spring hits, I push all of those dark Winter clothes aside and bring out the bright colors, florals, and lighter weight clothes. I would take the heat over the cold ANY day. Probably for the best because I don’t foresee moving away from Texas any time soon and we pretty much live in the heat down here!



Dress | Shoes | Earrings (similar) | Ring | Sunglasses

This past weekend I attended the Houston Symphony for the first time. One bucket list item checked off and 1000 more to go. While the symphony was amazing, I think my favorite part about the entire night was that I got to get dressed up. That never happens anymore it seems like so any chance that I can wear a nice dress and I am in!

This dress. Let me start off by saying I think that it has earned the spot as my favorite in my closet. The detailing on it is amazing! From the bright colors to the fun length to the beaded collar, this dress makes a statement and I felt like a celebrity wearing it. I like to think that it says business in the front, party in the back. But mostly just party all around 😉

I am so mad that when I bought this dress and shoes a couple of weeks ago that they were available online, but since then they are sold out everywhere. I have linked a similar dress option for you guys but unfortunately it is a little pricey. What do you guys think of this “high-low” trend? I personally am loving it! I have also linked several gorgeous pink shoe options for Spring below.

Photography by: Kamden Photography