Pajamas: Victoria’s Secret | Blow Dryer: T3 | Curling Wand: T3 | Hair Spray: Biolage

Since I FINALLY got my hair done and basically feel like a new woman, I thought it was about time to show y’all how I get my curls! I am not good at a lot of things in life, but I think that I could compete with the best of them when it comes to the time it takes me to get ready for the day. I have perfected my morning routine so that I can take a shower (this includes washing my hair), do my hair and make-up, get dressed and head out the door in under 30 minutes. It’s taken me many years, countless snooze buttons, and a lot of tardiness to get this down but the longer I can stay in bed, the more of a win it sounds to me!

 I like to think that my curls could best be described somewhere on the spectrum of a loose beach wave. Now I don’t claim to be a beauty or hair expert by any stretch of the imagination but I am going to do my best to break down how exactly I get my curls. I’m talking step-by-step as well as a full review of the T3 products that I use in the video and are ALL the rage right now. So without further ado, here is my very first video!

*Before you begin curling your hair, I highly suggest starting with fresh, clean, blow dried hair. This will boost the volume of your curls dramatically compared to if you let your hair air dry. I am using the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer. I personally always flip my hair over my head and dry my hair that way. Pretty sure this is the key to va-va-voom!*

Step 1: Divide your hair into multiple sections (2-4 is usually best): Focus on one section at a time. For thinner hair, less sections will be needed. I personally do 3 sections. A upper and lower section on my parted side, and one on the other.

Step 2: Start with the bottom sections: This is important because you want to work your way up. Since the top layers are what everyone is going to see, think of the bottom layers as a little less important. You can spend a little less time on the bottom layers and don’t worry to much about how tight the curl is. We will focus more on the top.

Step 3: Wrap 1-2 inch pieces of hair around the barrel: Depending on the size of the barrel that you are using, this will determine the amount of hair you can comfortably wrap around the barrel. In order to save time, wrap a large enough section around the barrel that will evenly fit on the barrel. You never want excess hair that is not actually touching the barrel.

Step 4: Leave hair on the barrel for no more than 10 seconds: As long as you adequately let the barrel heat up before you begin, you should not have to hold your hair on the barrel for more than 10 seconds. In fact I personally usually only hold it for about 5 seconds before letting the hair drop.

Step 5: Repeat all over your hair: Once you finish the bottom sections, start working your way to the top. The top layers are where I will spend a little bit more time. This usually means a little bit smaller pieces of hair and I’ll leave the hair on the barrel for closer to 10 seconds.

Step 6: Curl hair away from face: As you get closer to your face, make sure that you are wrapping the hair outwards towards the back of your head. This will create a more natural look.

Step 7: Run your fingers through your hair: This step is important because rather than brushing your hair out, your fingers work much better and will not create frizz like a brush might. This will break up the curls to make them look more natural without diminishing the curls.

Step 8: Spritz with a finishing hair spray: Possibly the most important step if you want your curls to last! Again, to make your curls look the most natural, and not crisp, a finishing spray rather than a strong hair spray is best. My personal favorite that I have used for years is Biolage.

How would you describe your hair?

I have pretty thin, fine hair. I used to shower/wash my hair at night but have found that I have so much more volume if I do all of that in the morning. I try to go at least 2 days without washing my hair but on the second day, even with dry shampoo, my hair is a total grease ball!

Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

My hair is 100% naturally straight although I never wear it that way. I curl my hair almost every single day since it takes me no time at all and gives me so much more volume!

How well does your hair hold a curl?

I have found that over the years, the better my hair will hold a curl. Unfortunately, I think this has to do with the fact that my hair is becoming more and more damaged the more that I use heat on my hair and like I said before, I blow dry/curl my hair almost every single day. The thing with my hair is that no matter how tight the curl is, it will always end up looking the same. My hair will fall and look almost more like waves than curls.

What products do you use on your hair?

I do not use many products at all. Besides my shampoo and conditioner, the only other products that I use are a leave in conditioner (acts as a detangler) and finishing hair spritz. I’m trying to get better about protecting my color as well as my hair from the heat so I recently picked up Aveda’s Color Conserve hair set and damage remedy. Once I have been using these for a bit longer, I’ll let you know what I think!

What is your honest review of the T3 blow dryer?

I have been using this for about a month now and just do not love it. I have tried to love it for the price tag but if you are in the business of trying to save time, this hair dryer is not the one for you. Compared to my Conair hair dryer, it does not dry my hair near as fast. In fact, it takes more than double the time to completely dry my hair. The plus of the T3 is that I can tell my hair is softer and not as damaged. Personally for me though, I need something that will dry my hair faster.

What is your honest opinion of the T3 curling wand and is it worth the price tag?

So the biggest question of them all! After months and months of seeing other bloggers post about this amazing wand, I have to say i felt a little left out. Once I finally received my wand, I was ecstatic that I now had 3 different curling size options. After trying out all 3, I have stuck with the largest barrel size and honestly never really use the other 2. If I want a bit of a tighter curl, I will use the smaller, one size barrel but I have found that my hair really won’t hold a tighter curl. I have used several curling wands over the years, including the T3 and if I had to pick the one for the most bang for you buck, I would hands down pick my Hot Tools curling wand. That isn’t to say that the T3 wand doesn’t work well, I just personally don’t see spending the money, especially if your hair does not hold a curl well or if you only forsee using 1 out of 3 barrel sizes.

If you stuck through the entire post, I sincerely thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my first video and beauty post! Do y’all like seeing these? Are they helpful and is there anything else like this that you would like to see? Leave me a comment if you think so!

Photography and Video by the amazing Banavenue

*I was gifted the T3 products for this post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*