January Top Ten selling items2018 is a year full of new things for It’s All Chic To Me and I am excited to announce a new series. At the end of every month, I will be sharing the top ten most purchased items from all of YOU! If you are wondering how I obtain this information, let me break it down for you.

I use an affiliate program called rewardStyle. This means that if you click on any link- whether it be from my Instagram or blog- that takes you to a product page on a retailer’s site, rewardStyle is able to track that it originated from me. Some affiliate programs will pay the influencer for every click that they generate from their site. rewardStyle pays per purchase made. This means that if you click on one of my links and then end up purchasing that item, I will get a small commission (usually between 7-12%).  Many bloggers use this same program as part of their revenue source.

Because I use rewardStyle I do have access to data analytics. Meaning I can track what items are clicked on and purchased. I cannot see who clicked on them or what other items might have been purchased. For example, if you click on my Wubby Pullover link and then purchase a pair of jeans and shoes in the same transaction, I will only be able to see that a purchase was made and the Wubby Pullover is how you got to the retailer’s site.

These analytics are super helpful to me because it allows me to see what all of you are liking and buying. While I might love something, it doesn’t always mean that all of you will. Other times there are products that I don’t expect you all to love, and then it gets hundreds of clicks or purchases and I realize I might need to share it a few more times or find a similar item if it happens to sell out.

Number 10

Lettuce Trim Body-Con Midi Dress (size up, I am wearing a 4 // Perfect for my working ladies!)

Number 9

BP Peplum Tee (comes in 5 colors, runs true to size, and is just $20)

Number 8

Abercrombie Skinny Jeans (true to size, stretchy, raw hem, come in different lengths + just $35)

Number 7

Morphe 35F Fall Eyeshadow Pallete (just $23)

Number 6

Arctic fleece vest (runs on the bigger side, I’m wearing a small).

Number 5

Bardot Lace Dress (runs true to size, I’m wearing an XS + just $72). Find more color options here.

Number 4 (tie)

Bubble Sleeve Dress (true to size, I’m wearing an XS + just $12)

Hooded Bell Sleeve Dress (runs true to size, I’m wearing an XS + just $12)

Number 3 (tie)

Lantern Sleeve Tee (true to size + just $10) & Slim Tie Pants (size down, I’m wearing a 00P)

Number 2

Wubby Fleece Pullover (top seller 2 months in a row- it’s that good! So many of y’all got it price matched on Nordstrom by having them match it with Gliks lower price point. NOTE: your exact color and size must be available in order to price match // I own a small and a medium and can’t tell much of a difference in sizing)

Number 1

Gucci Dupe Belt (top seller 2 months in a row! This $14 dollar Gucci belt dupe is the real deal (so good!) and y’all have literally bought hundreds. It comes in 3 colors and the large version is now available for $18)

My plan is to do this each month so if you like this and want me to continue it, leave me a comment below. Do you like seeing 10 items? Would you want more or less? Let me know!