Happy New Year guys! The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind with Christmas and then New Years, and thankfully an easy couple of work weeks. I really do hope you all got to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. I rang in the New Year with some of my favorite people and somehow happened to only snag this one picture. Too much champagne? It is very possible.


Shirt (similar) //Skirt //Curling Iron Wand

I don’t normally believe in waiting until the new year to set resolutions or goals but I decided to set a few this year being that I felt like I am starting a new chapter. Starting this blog I really am figuring it out as I go and so I think setting goals in that area is important to get it where I want it to be. As for my other goals these mostly come with either “having to adult” (as I like to call it) or simply areas of my life that I would like to prioritize this year.

  1. Be more like Jesus- I am taking these words straight from the sermon at church today. Instead of doing more good things and doing less bad things, my personal goal is to focus more on Jesus and in doing so lead a more christ like life. Jesus constantly shows us an outpouring of love, faithfulness, and compassion. All of these things are what I hope to outwardly project to others. This year I hope to dig deeper into the word, find a church home and bible study, and to love others as Christ loves us.
  2. Travel more, spend less- These two I would like to think go hand in hand because by spending less overall, I can put that money towards vacations. I already have big travel plans for 2016, budget and time permitting, including Hawaii, California, Chicago, and Italy. That’s a lot of places to take on in one year with my right-out-of-college salary!! I want to work on only spending money on the things I really need and less on clothes I will only wear for one blog post and eating out for almost every meal (oopsies!).
  3. ORGANIZE-  Y’all this is a big one!! Since college I have not really had to be that organized, outside of work at least because let’s be honest my life wasn’t all that interesting! Well with starting the blog, moving into town, growing my circle of friends, somehow I am way busier than I use to be! The number one thing on my Christmas list this year was a planner and boy am I excited to start using it! Honestly the part that I am most excited is the “To Do” list part for each week. I really don’t know how I have survived without my weekly/daily to do lists since college! I’m that girl that forgets absolutely everything, so writing down everything is a MUST! Heck I would forget to eat if I didn’t write that down 😛
  4. Grow my blog- I’m a little over 2 months in to this whole blogging thing and I absolutely love it! I’m still learning all of the odds and ends and I definitely have a long ways to go! I have a few specific goals pertaining to followers, budgeting, organizing, and planning but overall I hope to share what I love doing with more people! So if you’ve made it this far through the post, I’d just like to say thank you for stopping by and sharing in on what I am passionate about! YOU are who make this all possible and my hope is that you all can leave the blog feeling inspired or at the very least have gained a little fashion advice!

So let’s kick off 2016 with a bang and put those resolutions into action. If you have made any resolutions or goals for the new year I would love to hear them 🙂 CHEERS!