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The day is finally here that I get on a plane to Puerto Vallarta! I thought it only appropriate to share some of my not-so-obvious things that I can’t go to the beach without. You can shop these directly by clicking on the pictures above or the corresponding numbers below the picture collage.

Sunhat and sunglasses– Hopefully it’s going to be sunny wherever you go so bring your favorite shades and hat. Both of these are an absolute must for the beach to keep your skin protected from the sun. I always opt for a wider brim hat to get the most coverage. The sequins and cute message were an added bonus. As for sunglasses- I linked my new favorite pair of Karen Walkers which are a total splurge, but if you you don’t want to risk losing or messing up your favorites, here is a knock off pair that is less than $25.

Swimsuits– If you saw my recent post on one-piece swimsuits under $100, then you know I am a huge fan of this trend. The beach is one of the most appropriate places to show some skin, so find a swimsuit (or 2) that you look and feel good in. It’s not everyday that you get to show off that bod! I will be taking this sexy little number with me!

Beach shoes– The easiest way to make something instantly cute? Monogram it! Flip flops are a necessity at the beach and these Marley Lilly ones are just about the cutest, well-made pair I have seen in awhile. I suggest bringing along a pair that you can wear to the beach but will also double as a cute alternative to wear with other beach outfits. Besides the flips flops, bring a dressier pair of sandals like a wedge or espadrille for a nicer dinner or event. I usually stick to 2 pairs of shoes on vacations and that’s it.

Comfy clothes– Bring a few comfortable outfits to throw on after a long day at the beach. My go-to is a graphic tee and denim shorts. If it’s one thing you remember to pack, make it a pair of denim shorts. They are durable, can be worn in the sand and go with everything! If I am wanting to get a bit more dressed up, rompers are my favorite. They are quick, cute, and don’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Jewelry– Keep it simple and versatile. Bring a couple pairs of earrings and a necklace that will match multiple outfits. My current favorite pair of earrings are the Bauble Bar tassel earrings.

Skin care– While my routine at the beach really doesn’t differ too much from my everyday routine, there are 2 products I wouldn’t dream of traveling without. Those are the Tula exfoliating mask and hydrating cream. When I am at the beach, I don’t like wearing a ton of make up (because I actually want to get some sun), so catching pimples before they start is a must. I will dab the exfoliating mask on blemishes before bed and wake up to a clear face! The sun will dehydrate your skin so I make sure to put a layer of moisturizer on my face in the morning and then also carry around my favorite chapstick.

Beach essentials– Besides the obvious, some things that keep my life a bit easier and more enjoyable at the beach are a good book, a large tote, and a pool float. If you are like me, you probably don’t ever get time to just relax and read for pleasure- well the beach is the perfect time for that! A large tote is a must to load up everything you will be taking to the beach- towels, books, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. Another thing that has come in handy for me is bringing a smaller bag to put my phone, money and any other essentials in so that I am not digging forever in my larger tote. Lastly, the pool float is perfect because is can double as a beach chair or a relaxing way to sunbathe in the ocean. Plus it’s the perfect photo opp 🙂

Want to see what I am doing in Puerto Vallarta while I am there? Follow along with me on snapchat [shelbiadams] or Instagram stories for all of my crazy, real-life shenanigans. Also, I wanted to let you all know that since I will be in full vacation mode, there will not be a post up on Monday. Lastly don’t forget that I’ve already posted everything that I will be wearing on the trip here so that you can grab it before anything sells out! Have a great weekend everyone!


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