5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

One question that I get asked a lot from all of you is “How do I turn something I’m passionate about into a career”? Let me just tell you that it involves a lot of soul searching and even more caffeine! But believe me, I had the same question and still do. I am constantly analyzing what I’m good at and if there is the potential for a pay off. We are constantly told to chase our dreams but that’s hard to do without an income source. Whether you are looking at making a complete career change or want to start a side hustle, today I am teaming up with Diet Coke® to share five hobbies that have made me money or brought about valuable career opportunities.

My hope with sharing this is not to have you set out in search of a hobby that will make you money. A hobby should be something that you are genuinely interested in whether or not you ever make a dollar from it. If making a quick buck is your only intent when starting out, then there is a good possibility that when things get tough (and they will get tough), that you will quickly lose interest and move onto something else. So think about what you like to do for fun, what you are good at, or what brings you or others around you happiness and go from there. Then use those passions and interests as fuel for learning how to turn your hobby into a revenue source.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Top | Shorts | Sandals | SunglassesBag

If you don’t consider shopping a hobby, think again! There is definitely money to be made here, especially if you have a knack for finding a good deal. Everyone wants the next best thing but doesn’t want to fork over an arm and a leg for it. The more you shop around, get a feel for what is available and at what different price points, the more educated you are on scoring a great deal. From that point, there are multiple outlets to making money.

If you have a knack for hitting up garage sales, estate sales or bargain spots then you might be able to make money reselling these items for more than what you bought them for. Outlets like Ebay, Craigslist, or local consignment stores are usually best for this. You could also become a personal shopper for somebody else who does not have the time or care to do so. These types of jobs are normally paid by the hour but can also be commission based. Lastly, if you want to earn money by sharing some of those great deals you find on the internet, you can sign up for an affiliate network. This means that every time someone uses your product link, you will earn a small commission. Bloggers use this as part of their income source!


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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I currently make my entire salary from blogging (a form of writing) if that tells you anything! This once upon hobby has now turned into a daily paycheck that pays my bills and so much more! If you have a knack for writing, connecting with like minded people, and documenting bits of your life then you might try dabbling in blogging. Whether you have a passion for fashion, fitness, cooking, traveling, parenting advice, or whatever it might be, try sharing your ideas on the internet and see what traction you get. Once you start to build an audience, money can be made through advertisements , sponsored posts, and commission based affiliate networks.

If you do not have an interest in the maintenance to start your own blog but feel like you have valuable information, stories, or advice that you could share, there are many opportunities for freelance writers. This is where you would sell your article to a site for either a flat rate or an agreed upon price per word count.

TRAVELING5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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If you have a passion for traveling then you know that it is an expensive hobby. I’m not sitting here telling you that it is easy to travel for free but I am saying that thanks to the internet and growing economy, it is easier than ever to merge your love for travel with making money. Because of this, there are in fact ways to make travel cheaper and even profitable if you are willing to think outside of the box!

A few ways to earn money and travel are to become a travel writer or blogger, house or pet sit, work on a cruise ship, teach english, become a tour guide, or work remotely for any type of virtual job. An online business or job can be run from anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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Maybe you grew up playing sports or maybe you’ve picked them up later in life, either way there is value in the love of the game. Not only are you working on interpersonal skills and expanding your network, but you are getting fit in the process! For those that are stuck in the hobby zone, you never know when your next job lead can come up in a conversation over a round of golf or maybe the drinks that follow afterword. So even if you never make a dollar from a tennis match, intramural softball game, or round of golf, connections are the most valuable form of job leads!

Now if you are the next Tom Brady or truly have a gift for sports, you might consider coaching or personal training. These types of jobs are normally paid by the hour, are flexible, and are usually a long term type of gig as most people need multiple sessions.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off
5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

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Photos by: BanAvenue

Almost everyone these days has a camera, whether it’s on your phone or a DSLR. Technology has made it so easy for us to take great photos! While the market is saturated, pictures are truly something that everyone wants and needs which is a good thing for you if you have an eye for art and taking a great photo!

If you think you have a handle on capturing beautiful moments and have learned your way around a camera, try starting a social media page and growing a business. You might offer to take some pictures for family or friends to build up your portfolio and if you do a good job, before you know it people will want to pay you for your work!

New Diet Coke Flavors

New Diet Coke Flavors

New Diet Coke Flavors

Sweatshirt | Leggings | Shoes | Bag

Now how do I do it all? Like I said, a lot of caffeine because sleep is hard to come by when you are turning your passions into careers! I was so excited to team up with Diet Coke to try out their new flavors that come in these sleek 12 ounce cans. They have the same, great flavor as the one and only Diet Coke has always had just with a facelift! New flavors include Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango. My personal favorite is the Feisty Cherry and they weren’t kidding when they said feisty. This one packs a punch that you won’t know what I’m really talking about until you try.

You can find these on-the-go singles or 8-packs at most grocery stores and convenience stores! I picked mine up at my local HEB. And because I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t give you some sort of great deal, you can earn $1.25 when you purchase an 8-pack of Diet Cokes along with any brand of avocados. Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate.

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NYFW Blog Takeover + Best Photo Spots in NYC

The best places to take pictures in NYC and Brooklyn

The best places to take pictures in NYC and Brooklyn

Best photo spots in NYC

The best places to take pictures in NYC and Brooklyn

The best places to take pictures in NYC and Brooklyn

The best places to take pictures in NYC and Brooklyn

Best photo spots in NYC

Shelbi’s Outfit // Skirt: Similar | Top: Similar | Shoes: Dillard’s | Bag: Celine

Kylee’s Outfit // Top: Club Monaco | Skirt: Club Monaco | Shoes: Target | Bag: Saint Laurent

Kylee here, taking over one of my favorite blogger babes Shelbi’s blog today while she is busy traveling the world! Umm.. can we switch spots?! Kidding! I hope you are having the best time ever experiencing life!

I have to say I had the joy to travel a short trip with Shelbi to NYFW (while we waited for our other girls, co blogger Kelly and Brittany, with hello honey) to join us! While we rushed around the city, drank A LOT of champagne , and managed to get ready for a photoshoot at 6am –  you can read more about that here. I would not have had it any other way. We decided that it would be fun to give a fresh take on things and take over each others blog. One of our favorite memories while in New York was our photoshoot on The Brooklyn Bridge. New York does not lack Instagram worthy spots to take pictures for fashion bloggers. You can pretty much guarantee every corner you turn there is some building, park, street art on walls, and if you’re a roof top bar junkie like we are the views are to die for! Everyone takes pictures at central park, The Plaza, but where are the places that you don’t think of – don’t worry y’all Ive got you covered!

Brooklyn Bridge

This is just a shot that you just can’t miss. The Brooklyn Bridge is a practically a symbol of New York. For our photoshoot with Banavenue we met on the Brooklyn side. You can’t help but to turn around and just be in awe of the city.

Top of the Rock 

Still so bummed that I left on Sunday and missed the Houston blogger photoshoot here. The Top of the Rockefeller Tower offers the best view of NYC, guaranteed. Just check out these photos from Shelbi’s photoshoot.

The Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo

AKA “Dumbo” if you’re looking for an instagram spot that is unique. The brick buildings, which make the perfect frame for New York City’s Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. It’s just one of those you have to do – trust me!

Mr. Purple 

Remember when I was telling y’all that I was obsessed with roof top bars – this is a must! Not only is the food instagram worthy, the view is too! It’s completely eye catching. To be honest, ALL the rooftop bars a must! Grab a cocktail and hold that drink up to the sky!

Love Wall

Lower East Side is filled with great spots to take photos. Throughout the Lower East Side you can find the #LoveWall and it’s such a fun backdrop for outfits shots.


Hello shopping meca! Cobble stone streets are a must for a fabulous photo! We also highly suggest hopping in front of a cab for an obligatory yellow car photo!

These are just some of our favorites! Like we said New York is full of great spots for a photoshoot!  A huge thanks to Shelbi for letting me take over her blog. You can check out her tips on how to get ready for a photoshoot here!


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