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Neocell Collagen Powder

Neocell Collagen Powder

I’ve been using Neocell’s collagen powder for close to six months now. I had started seeing collagen powder products pop up all over Instagram and felt like I was missing out on something exciting by not taking it! That’s the power of social marketing for you 😉 Everyone raved that it was so good for your hair, nails, skin and joint pain. So what did I do? I got some. I drank the koolaid – literally!

After having two hip surgeries and still having pretty chronic hip pain, I hoped that collagen powder could act as a natural remedy. In addition to the hip pain I was hoping to cure, I also desperately wanted something to help my damaged hair. After taking out my hair extensions, I sadly had quite a bit of breakage and hair loss.

Now here is a disclaimer but hear me out. The results definitely aren’t overnight and it’s for sure one of those things that the results are more inward than outward but overall I’m telling you that I feel so much better! My joint pain isn’t gone but it has improved. My hair isn’t noticeably longer but it’s so much stronger and healthier looking!

Recently, I’ve had so many of you ask if I’m doing anything different with how I’m styling my hair or the hair products I’m using and the answer is no! The only thing I’ve done differently is take this collagen powder so if it’s looking better, that’s what I attribute it to! And while I can’t see a huge difference in my nails, my nail tech made a comment recently that I had the strongest, best nails she had seen in awhile! So I guess something has to be working 🙂

You might remember a few months ago I hosted a girl’s brunch at my house and made it a mission to put Neocell collagen powder in everything I made to see if my friends could even tell a difference. Everything from the mini donuts, to the chicken and waffles, to the smoothie bar all had collagen powder in it and to no surprise, not a single person could taste a difference!

For the past six months, I’ve used Neocell’s flavorless collagen powder that I literally put in just about everything (coffee, smoothies, eggs, soup, cookies, etc.) but they just came out with a berry lemon flavor and it’s so good! So far I’ve tried it in smoothies, hot tea, wassail, and the occasional cocktail. You can also add it to water or a carbonated, clear drink.

If you are like me and take care of everything and everyone else before tending to yourself, I urge you to take some time for yourself this holiday season and invest in your health! I sound like my mother but it’s the only body you have and it will only take care you of you if you take care of it!

* Thank you Neocell for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*