Quarantine & Chill: Netflix Recs, Games & Loungewear

Netflix Recs

Hi from quarantine friends! Anyone else going a little stir crazy and looking for new shows, new games and maybe a new pair of pajamas? Because I know I sure am! I saw a meme earlier today that read “I finished Netflix” and I felt that lol. I’m currently rewatching Heart of Dixie for a third time (best feel good show) and rewatching Vampire Diaries for the second time. If you need a new rec, see below for some of my all time favorites.


1. Heart of Dixie

The fact that I’ve seen this show three times over should be reason enough to watch it! City girl roughs it in a small town. Said girl has two very handsome men fighting over her while she figures out how to adjust to the small town life. Take my word on this one. It’s a very cute, feel good, chick flick show.

2. Schitt’s Creek

Want a good laugh? This is the show for you. It’s definitely stupid humor and takes a few episodes to get into but you’ll be thankful you stuck around because it’s funny as hell. A posh, rich family loses all of their money and is forced to move to a small town that they bought ages ago as it’s the only thing they still own. You’ll laugh your way through their misery of losing their claim to fame and adjusting to “normal life”.

3. In the Dark

Just a head sup, there is only one season so it will leave you wanting more! This show is about a blind girl (who is a total badass) who is on a mission to solve the murder of her best friend. There is a lot of drugs, sex, alcohol and badassery.

4. New Girl

Another feel good, full of laughs show! It’s about an unconventional roommate situation with 3 guys and 1 girl trying to figure out the single life and oddly enough become like family.

5. You

Honestly this one is a little creepy but also very intriguing especially with how much we share on social media. If you are a Penn Badgley fan, watch this!

6. Dead To Me

After a hit and run that killed her husband, Jen is on a mission to uncover the mystery. She befriends another women from her support group who helps her carry out her hunt. Their friendship has a few unexpected twists and turns and along the way their grief sparks a weird since of comic relief and joy.

7. Virgin River

This show seems to be a total spin off Heart of Dixie which is why it probably places on the favorite list. A nurse practitioner moves to a small town for a fresh start not knowing that she would find love in the process.

8. Imposters

Watch as Maddie, a professional conartist, cons her way into several men’s lives, makes them fall in love with her and then robs them of everything. That is until those men figure it out, join forces and seek revenge.

9. Shameless

Sex, drugs. alcohol and more sex. Despite a nonexistent mother and a drunk for a father, these 6 children take care of each other while trying to also figure out their way.

10. Vampire Diaries

After her parents are tragically killed in a car accident, Elena’s world will soon change forever as she is introduced to vampires and other super natural creatures. If you want a twisted but good love story, watch this one!


1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Teen drama alert but SO good that I’ve watched it upwards of 20 times. Take my word on this one and then watch the sequel too.

2. Kissing Booth

Another teen drama with romance. A high school student finds herself face-to-face with her long-term crush when she signs up to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival.

3. Love Rosie

The epic love story of two brits that have been best friends since birth. Can their friendship and possible romance survive an ocean between them?

4. Country Strong

Gwyneth Paltrow plays the role of a country music star who is trying to overcome addiction all while preparing to go on a comeback tour announcing.

5. Failure to Launch

Ok ok ok my movie type is teen dramas and rom-coms- sue me! I’ll stop with my top 5 because the other 5 would probably be more of the same. If you have a good recommendation, leave it in the comments please!

Quarantine Games

A great way to pass the time and maybe let your inner kid out is to get outside outside (safely away from everyone) for an at home workout, bike ride or yard game OR stay inside and try out a new game… or five. Some of my families favorites are Mexican Train, The Game of Things, Heads Up, and Qwixx.

If you haven’t invested in loungewear before now, I’d say it’s a pretty good time. Have a zoom conference call but don’t want to wear pajamas? Loungewear it is! The good thing about most of these sets are that they can be mix and matched. I love wearing my joggers with basic tees and my hoodies with denim shorts. See below for some of my favs!

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New York Fashion Week 2018

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

New York Fashion Week Street Style Outfits

My third year of New York Fashion Week is officially in the books! This year was fast and furious to say the least since it was smack dab in between two other trips. I had two full days in the city and I tried to make the most of every minute! There were lot’s of meetings, new friends, and rooftops and very little sleep but I wouldn’t change it for the world because I feel so blessed to have these opportunities do be doing what I love! Life motto lately: “You can sleep when you’re dead”.

I only RSVP’d for one fashion show as my focus was more so on brand meetings and connections this year. Sadly, due to rain I didn’t even make the one show I was really looking forward to going to, Nicole Miller. Thankfully I still was able to make it to almost all of my other events and meetings. Some of my favorites this year included the party, Lulu’s party, Shopbop party, and OK Magazine party. No, I did not just party my little heart away during fashion week but due to privacy reasons I am not able to disclose several of the brand meetings that I had so that’s why you get a long list of parties instead 😉


Heck no! My first year that I went, I booked a plane ticket and hotel room and told myself that even if I didn’t get invited, it would be the trip of a lifetime to go to NYC during fashion week. No matter how small you are, if you do the work to pitch brands for fashion events, you will have at least a few events to go to. Even if you just go to meet with other fashion influencers and brands, it is 100% worth it! Getting invited to shows, showrooms, brand meetings, parties, etc are all the same. Most are not going to reach out to you unless you’ve already gone in years past. YOU have to do the work. This means sending out hundreds of emails. Read more about how to get invited to events here. And for the record, my first year that I attended NYFW, I had less than 5k followers and guess what? I still got invited to fashion shows:)


Fashion week (or honestly any trip to New York) is a great time to reach out to brands and PR companies that you have already worked with in the past. If you’ve never looked at the signature line of brands you’ve been emailing, you should start 🙂 Most are headquartered in NYC! There is nothing like putting a face to a name, especially when these brands work with hundreds if not thousands of other influencers. Anything you an do to make youreself stand out is going to put you ahead in this industry! Before fashion week each year, I will make a point to look through my collaborations over the past year and reach out to some of the brands that I have yet to meet with. I will just shoot them an email letting them know I am in town for fashion week and that I’d love to meet face to face. Some brands I’ve simply gone to their office, others I’ve met for coffee and then some already have scheduled events or showrooms during fashion week and will invite you to those!


Not going to lie, it’s hard. If you want to go to fashion week and not spend a ton of money on outfits the best ways to look baller on a budget are to rent, borrow or be gifted clothes. This definitely takes some time and effort but can be done several different ways. 1) Reach out to local shops before your trip and ask if they will let you pull some clothes to showcase during fashion week. Most places do this regularly for photoshoots or other events so they should be used to it. Mention you will tag them in all social posts giving them credit and they should be more than happy for the trade of services. 2) Reach out to PR companies or brands in NYC that have showrooms or might want to dress you for the week. Again, many brands do this so asking is not weird at all especially if you’ve worked with them in the past! They will appreciate the exposure opportunity. 3) Many PR brands have gifting suites during fashion week which means FREE CLOTHES. This is where it’s at ladies.


Have you thought about going to fashion week but not sure where to start, how to get invited, who to reach out to, etc? The posts below from years past should be helpful when thinking and planning to attend next season! If you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to answer them in the comments below!




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