Happy hump day everyone! I can’t believe we are already in our second week of the New Year! Anyone else already struggling to stay on track with those New Year’s resolutions? I have yet to start my biggest one, using my planner! My sister gave me the cutest one for Christmas and I have been studying it, planning how I am going to attack using it, and trying to organize everything I already have planned for the year. But I haven’t actually written a single thing down yet. It sounds insane I know! It’s almost too pretty to write in… just almost.


This outfit was inspired by a trend that I had seen pop up and was dying to try- blanket scarf turned vest! I find it funny that last season I had all of these blanket scarves but really didn’t wear them because I didn’t know how. Now this season there are a million in one ways to wear them so I have had fun pulling them all out of the back of my closet and giving them a second shot. Purple is hands down my favorite color and for some crazy reason it does not exist in my wardrobe! Since winter makes it a little more difficult to add color in to your outfit, being that you don’t have all of the bright options that summer brings, I try to add pops of color whenever I can. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good winter neutrals look and you can find me wearing this sweater dress, leggings and boots combo all day everyday, but adding color just brightens up an outfit.

This easy make shift scarf vest is the easiest to pull off. If you already have a scarf simply hang it around your neck and belt it around your stomach. I used a pretty small belt so that it would create the cinched look i was going for. Also my scarf was a pretty big size so i folded it in half length wise before draping around my neck.







Can we talk about these boots for a minute?! If a pair of shoes has ever made me feel like a million bucks, these are them! They look so sleek and chic! Now if only I had thought to buy them in every color 😉


Dress // Scarf (different color) // Boots (similar) // Belt (similar) // Earrings

Photography by: Kamden Photography