Summer Sunglasses | It's All Chic To Me

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Summer is my favorite time to bring out the fun sunglasses that you might feel a little too shy to wear throughout the rest of the year. Coming from a sunglasses-obsessed girl, summer is when I try out some of the new trends that get a little crazier than my usual black or brown pair. This year it seems like they have every shape, color and size imaginable! The selection is huge and of course I want them all! Are you like me with a champagne taste on a beer budget, yet you also have a sunglasses addiction? If so, I have the perfect remedy for you! Ditto is an endless eyewear subscription that is only $24/month and you can get designer sunglasses anytime you want. You keep them for as long as you want before you return for another pair. You can try out your first month free with code ITSALLCHICTOME and see if you like the program. I have been using this service for a little over a month now and absolutely love it! The normal $25 that I would spend on a bunch of sunglasses can now be put towards a good quality pair that looks “so Hollywood”. The pair in the first picture is my current pair from them. They are the Karen Walker “Super Duper Strength” style.

Happy Friday friends and if you do decide to buy a fun new pair of sunglasses or sign up for Ditto make sure you tag me on Instagram so I can see how fab you look B-)