I asked you ladies what you wanted to see this week and the number one request was for vacation wear so ask and ye shall receive! Whether you are headed for some fun in the sun or to hit the slopes, I’m sharing everything you should have on your packing list! I have to say that I am pretty jealous that so many of you have vacations booked. As of now my travel list for the year isn’t too long. I’m hoping to decide if I’m going to move out of state and what timeframe that would look like by the end of next month. Until then, it’s hard to really nail down travel plans when you aren’t sure what city you will be living in! So far, here are my definite travel plans for 2019…

February: Fredericksburg & Nashville

March: Chicago & Tulum

April: Dallas

July: Miami

September: New York

Looking at my list, the cold is out weighing the heat which means I need to get to booking some more beach trips! I am a water, sand and sun girl through and through! I hope that this post is helpful when you are planning out your outfits and packing lists. Every picture above and below is clickable and will take you directly to the retailer’s site where you can purchase that item. Happy shopping!



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