Friday Favorites: 2016 Planners

So I wanted to do something a little different with the blog and bring you guys something every Friday that is not an outfit post. I am presenting to you “Friday Favorites”, or “FF” for short, and this can be anything from items that I am currently coveting, ideas for holidays/events, places to try, home decor, my favorite jewelry…. you get the picture 🙂 Since my new year’s resolution is to get more organized, that included investing in a good planner to keep me on track. So my first post is dedicated to 2016 planners that I have researched and picked as my top suggestions based on personality types. If you have yet to get yourself a 2016 planner, this is the post for you!

one Canoe two– The “cutesy” planner

If you are the type that adores fun prints and cute calligraphy writing, this planner tops the list on the cute factor. Each month is laid out and then broken out weekly. Each day of the week has its own blank square with ample room for notes, doodles, to-dos, etc. This planner comes in at $42.

Erin Condren– The Overplanner

Calling all bloggers, busy gals, OCDers, or anyone that lives in their planner- this is the planner for you! Being the most expensive on the list at $50-$75 for a planner, it is well worth the money. The great part about this planner is that it is pretty customizable. You can pick what layout you would like (horizontal, vertical, or hourly) since every gal plans differently. It also has the function to trade out covers and other “party” pages within the planner by simply popping them in and out of the coils.

Day Designer The Girlboss

If you want to combine your mile long to do lists, goal sheets, and planner all in one then this is the planner for you. With motivational quotes to daily to-do lists to plans for dinner, the Day Designer has thought of it all and is the perfect resource to keep everything in one place. These planners are $59.

Rifle Paper Co.– The Darling Planner

Sweet and simple, this planner is the first on the list that is not coil bound but more like a notebook. This planner has a monthly and weekly break out containing lined sections. Coming in at $30, this is your every-day planner spruced up with cute designs and layouts.

Lilly Pulitzer– The “girly” planner

Bright colors and paradise themed, the Lilly Pullitzer planner is super girly. It features a hard cover, monthly to-do lists, motivational quotes and even has areas for travel plans and adventures. For $30 this is a step up from your normal, everyday planner.

Sugar Paper– The Minimalist

If you don’t want to spend the money on a huge, all-in-one planner and maybe just need a simple planner that you can write down your weekly agenda, look no further. For $13 you can’t beat what this planner has to offer. It is cute and functional with enough room for all of your notes and plans.