Top: LOFT | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

Photography by: Banavenue

You know those business wardrobe essentials that no matter how many new clothes that you get, you just seem to keep going back to? If I had to guess, it’s for one of a few reasons but the number one reason that the majority of us return to the same piece of clothing (no matter how bad it should and needs to be washed), is comfort. There are several days in my work wear past that I sacrificed being “well” dressed for a only slightly upgraded version of pajamas. Thankfully I’ve slowly learned over the years how to build a comfort-approved AND cute closet that starts with these 3 little business wardrobe essential tips!

1.Stretchy Pants – Also known as God’s gift to the working woman. I’m no yogi, but the amount of stretch in these bad boys would definitely allow you to bust a move in the office, you know if that’s your thing. While dresses are the perfect one stop shop option, stretchy pants are where it is at. This cropped style that you see me wearing is very popular right now and is super flattering. I love that LOFT and many other retailers are now offering these pants in petite, regular and tall sizing options so that no matter your height, you don’t have to worry about taking them to get tailored. Go ahead and stock up on these in every color, you can thank me later.

2.Cotton Apparel – When it comes to office space, you just never know if it’s going to be Antarctica or the Sahara Desert. There really is no in between. Finding cotton clothing for the office can be a bit of a struggle since everything nowadays is made out of polyester but hold out for those cotton finds because they are so much more breathable and comfortable! I personally love cotton, sleeveless tops like this one that I can then pair with a sweater or cardigan because those are 2 things that are actually extremely easy to find in a cotton option.

3.Pretty Pumps – Ever heard the quote, “A woman can do anything that a man can do and she can do it in high heels”?. You best believe that is the truth. Not only do I believe that heels are more comfortable than flats, they are also our secret weapon ladies! Hear me out, if your heels are not more comfortable than your flats, you are investing in the wrong pair of pumps. The right pair of pumps makes you look professional and I think you already know that they do wonders for your legs. Talk about a win-win! And heck, if you got it, flaunt it 🙂 I’ve said it several times before, but I highly suggest investing in a pair of brown, black and nude pumps. If you are feeling daring, cheetah print is also one of my go-to colors!

Wardrobe essentials in my book are 100% completely dependent on comfort. As many times as I have tried to convince my boss that the dress code should allow for pajamas and leggings, they just haven’t seemed to go for it yet. Until that day comes (fingers crossed it’s VERY soon), these tips should tide you over.