ACL Festival Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

I’ve been to a handful of music festivals in my life but never have I ever been to one when it was freezing cold outside. I attended Austin City Limits (ACL) for the second year and everything was just as amazing as year one minus the fact it was about 40 degrees colder! Typically fashion wise when it comes to music festivals, I would reach for all of the crochet, sheer and neon outfits but this festival called for a few more layers. I was happy to say that all of my outfits kept me warm and still fashionable for the weekend so if you are headed to a music festival where the temps aren’t in your favor, here is some outfit inspo below. If you are heading to a music festival where the temps are a little warmer, check out this postFestival Fashion Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

Festival Fashion Outfits

A big thank you to Honda for sponsoring my ACL shenanigans! I had the opportunity to test drive and ride around In the 2020 Honda Insight Hybrid for the weekend. Not only was it a chic and smooth ride, it had so many cool features. Since it was chilly during our stay, the seat heaters definitely came in handy! Beyond that, I also loved whenever you use your right blinker, a live video of the car’s right side comes on the center screen to make sure you don’t hit the curb. By the looks of my own wheels, this feature sold me immediately on this car. Other cool features included the Honda Sensing Technology that gently corrected the car if you went outside of your lane, a high tech navigation, quiet engine, spacious inside, and sleek exterior design. If you are in the market for a new car, I would definitely consider adding the Honda Insight to your list, especially if you are looking for a great value and fuel efficient car!

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Hurricane Harvey Update

It feels wrong posting about anything fashion or otherwise “normal” blog related topics when so many of my loved ones and neighbors are losing their homes. The amount of destruction that Hurricane Harvey has already done is unfathomable and we aren’t out of the woods anytime soon. Since last Friday afternoon, Houston has been hit with over 40″ of rainfall in such a short amount of time. Even with breaks in the rain, it is not enough to let the city drain. There have been at least 12 tornados touch down and thousands of people who have already lost their homes. We need a miracle and fast.

For the past few days I have been glued to my phone waiting for friends and family to give me updates on the rising waters. Checking social media and news outlets constantly to see the damage. Every new picture that I came across more shocking than the one before. We knew this storm would be bad but seeing each and every person that I personally know go through losing their home and their belongings is absolutely heart breaking.

My sister and I do not know how our townhouse is faring in the Heights as both of us fled to higher ground on Friday. Surrounding areas are completely flooded but we are hoping for the best. I am thankful to report the rest of my Houston family (parents, aunts, uncle) have not had any water in their homes. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for SO many of my childhood friends. My parents are having to rescue people from our old neighborhood on jet skis as their homes are taking on so much water.

I made the tough decision Friday to continue on with my girls weekend reunion trip to Fredericksburg, Texas (aka Texas wine country) knowing there was a good possibility that we could get stuck here. Welp all of my wine dreams came true and we are officially stuck here for the foreseeable future as the majority of Houston including all of the major roadways are flooded under several feet of water. I am forever thankful to the sweetest AirBNB host for allowing us to stay well beyond our intended stay free of charge. As much as I wish I was in Houston able to help those in need, I am thankful for a dry place to stay until the weather and flood waters calm down and even more thankful for sweet souls that are wiling to help in any way possible.

People from all over Texas are coming together to help one another and as bad as things are getting in Houston, it is heart warming to see. There are strangers helping complete strangers through rescue boats, donations and offering up their homes for safe refuge. Houston will rebuild but we have a long road to get there. If you are wondering how you can help, there are a few ways.

  • Monetary Donations

    • American Red Cross – Text HARVEY to 90999 and you’ll have made a $10 donation, which you’ll see on your next phone bill.
    • Salvation Army – The Salvation Army has been responding to the storm to help those in need and is accepting donations specifically for Harvey victims here.
    • JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund – There is already over 500k raised. Donate here.
  • Physical Donations

    • Local food banks: Affected areas include Houston Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, Corpus Christi Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank, and more. They recommend contacting a food bank directly about their need and what you can do. Find the closest one to you here.
    • There are so many organizations that will be accepting clothing and other necessities. If you are stuck inside with nothing to do, now is the perfect time to gather up and donate old clothing, unused toiletries and canned food.

Continue to pray that the rain stops, flood waters recede, and for everyone affected. Hurricane Harvey is still very much a threat for the next few days. It might not seem like we can do much but what we can do is pray and donate to the disaster relief.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out checking on my family and I. We are so thankful for such a supportive community and are trying to help in any way that we can. If you are or your family have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, please let us know how we can help whether it is through prayers, a dry place to stay or donations.

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