I know, I know Valentine’s Day seems like it is forever away right? Well normally I’m not very proactive and it always bites me in the butt, especially around the holidays or event season. I’ll wait until the last minute to get an outfit and then Nordstrom will be out of my size and then it’s like you might as well just give up if Nordstrom of all places doesn’t have anything!!

So in order to prevent you from going through this traumatic process, I’ve rounded up 10 dresses right at or below $100. Several are less than $75 and a few are even less than $50. I feel like there are very few times that us girls get to dress up throughout the year and Valentine’s Day is one of those days so take advantage! Maybe splurge just a bit and pick something out that you are going to feel HOT in! Even if you aren’t celebrating with a hot date this year, I think we can both agree that you deserve a little present to yourself. Need a little justification? Think about the money that you are saving not having to buy your significant other a gift. BAM! Now go ahead and click purchase on that little red dress you put in your basket but weren’t actually planning to buy 😉