Dress: Madewell | Sneakers: Johnston & Murphy | Purse: Johnston & Murphy | Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Photography by: Banavenue

Over the years working in a corporate job, I’ve accumulated a LOT of work clothes. Something that I have come to find as of recently is that I have far too many items hanging in my closet that only serve one purpose. Either they are strictly for the office or strictly for the weekend (aka there is no justifying making it office appropriate). I don’t have a happy medium of outfits that could swing both ways which is both annoying and not efficient. The solution? I’ve started buying items that can serve more than one function. I’ve found that a pretty safe bet to know if it passes the test, is if you know it can take you from work to happy hour without having to swing by the house for an outfit change.

After going on the hunt for items that could fit both of these scenarios, I had a couple of takeaways I think anyone looking for work wear should do as well. First off, you can make almost any sleeveless, strapless or even backless dress work appropriate by throwing on a cardigan or blazer (I list a few favorites here). If you do not have at least a few staple color cardigans, you are doing it wrong! I have cream and black colored cardigans in my car at all times. You know for emergencies and what not. This way depending on my outfit, I always have a sure source of coverage or an Antarctica (because what office isn’t?) protector if need be.

Secondly, shoes can totally change the occasion of any outfit and make it more wearable. My favorite way to take a dress from work to drinks is to throw on a strappy pair of heels. Want to wear the same outfit for a more casual look? Throw on a pair of sneakers. As long as you have at least one pair each of pumps, strappy heels, sneakers and maybe a pair of flats. You are set!

Don’t forget that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going on and there are lots of items still in stock, including lots of work wear! The sale ends August 6th!