Sunday Riley Acne KitI’m not one to talk about skincare very often because to be honest my skincare routine was pretty nonexistent until the last couple of months. I get sent a lot of products to try out but this one is by far my favorite and I love that it helps with acne since my skin is very acne prone. After using it the past few months I’ve seen a serious decrease in my hormonal acne. The oil that comes in this kit is my favorite part of my entire skin care routine, I literally look forward to it every night. It is infused with tree oil and smells so good.

Amika Blowout Spray– This is another product that was gifted to me. I had seen multiple bloggers rave about this product so I finally gave it a try. Talk about va-va-voom! Ok it doesn’t give a ton of volume but I love the grit it puts in my hair to hold a curl and lift my roots. Not the nasty type of grit, more so just a little bit of texture to make your hair more malleable.

T3 Curling Wand–  If you have been following me this year you might know I’ve had a love, hate relationship with this 3-in-1 curling wand. For the longest time I would have told anyone that I would never pay money for this wand (it’s $300) but since it was gifted to me I used it. At first I swore to you that my Hot Tools wand did the exact same thing (it’s $45) and I do still highly recommend the Hot Tools wand if you are looking for a budget friendly one. It served me well for 5+ years. It wasn’t until recently when I started incorporating product into my hair care routine that I saw a major difference. I use the Amika Blowout Spray and Redken Styling Spray and boy does it make my hair actually hold the curl all day and even when I sleep on it. If you are looking for a great curling wand and would use the multiple attachments, the T3 is a great one!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream– After several attempts at finding a full coverage foundation that lasted all day, IT Cosmetics finally pulled through for me. Prior to trying this one I was using the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation but was not impressed with it’s coverage. I love that the CC cream fills in my pores and leaves my skin looking much more even toned! I also finish off my look with their Celebration Foundation pressed powder.

HASK Dry Shampoo– After trying what seemed like every dry shampoo on the market (expensive and non expensive), I was about ready to completely give up on this whole dry shampoo concept until I found HASK! Warning: this stuff will make you go questionable lengths of time between hair washings. I use to not be able to go more than one day without washing before my hair would get greasy but I can push 7 days thanks to this stuff!!


Olive Jeans | Light Wash Jeans | White wash Jeans | Dark Wash Jeans

Wubby PulloverAlthough I’ve only had mine a few weeks, it’s quickly become one of the top sellers for the blog in December and for good reason. If you are a cozy lover like myself, this pullover is a no brainer. It also comes in a vest version (on sale, I sized up to a medium) that I did pick up the other day because let’s face it, I have a serious sherpa addiction these days.

Levi Jeans– These were actually bought in 2016 and were still so much a favorite in 2017 that I bought them in the darker color too. I get lot’s of questions about my ripped denim and my Levi’s jeans are hands down the best that I own. They are a bit pricey which but after trying several pairs of cheaper jeans, these out do them on so many levels. They are the only pair of jeans that actually fits me, are of good quality, make my butt look good (because hey that’s important!), have the right amount of distressing in the right places, and hold up for multiple wears before washing. I promise you these are worth the money and then some! I personally size down in Levi’s but many of you have told me that you get your true size or even go up one so I suggest reading review before purchasing. Other notable distressed denim that I discovered this year and love are my olive Free People jeans and light wash mom jeans. Both run true to size.

BP Side Split Tee– For $19, I bought these basic long sleeve tee in 4 colors- black striped, white striped, grey striped, and olive. They do fit a little oversized so Nordstrom will tell you to size down. I ordered my true size (XS) which is a little long but I prefer the length for layering purposes. I wear them under EVERYTHING. My favorite way as of lately has been to wear them layered under sweaters so that they show at the bottom, sleeves, and sometimes top too depending on what you are wearing. I’ve also worn them layered under a military vest, puffer vest, or denim jacket. The possibilities are endless and it really is a great basic to have in your closet.

Aerie Fleece leggings–  Believe it or not these were the blog’s number one seller and for good reason! Y’all certainly love cozy just as much as I do! I personally own them in 3 colors if that tells you how good they are. I suggest sizing up one. I wear a size small (normally an XS). These are great as pajamas or just lounging and they are still only $12!!

SPANX Leather leggings– It took me a long time to pull the trigger on these because of the price tag and to this day I still buy alternatives to dry and find something cheaper that is comparable for you guys but there honestly is just no comparison to how good these are. I do suggest sizing up as they run quite small. The only alternative that I found and liked was this $18 pair. If I am comparing the two they are night and day difference but if you are trying to save up before you buy the SPANX, they are decent and I do wear mine! Definitely size down as they run large.

Gucci Dupes- So I did this crazy thing in 2017 during my YOLO-quit-my-job-travel-the-world stage this year. I splurged on the Gucci Marmont 2.0 bag and small leather belt. The Gucci belts have been crazy popular this year and thanks to Britt, she introduced me to an identical dupe for the belt. It’s quickly become the blog’s number one seller in December. It comes in the small and large version and in all colors too! It is one size but fits most sizes. My favorite pair of shoes this year, especially after surgery, were the Gucci dupe slides from Target. I’m pretty sure I wore them almost every day this year not kidding one bit. I wore them to work every day and they are my go to casual shoe. The best part? They are $19 and extremely good quality. I even wore them to tromp all over Europe!


Other Favorites

Present Over Perfect– I don’t read. Period. Even though it’s been a new year’s resolution for who knows how long I just am not a book reader. BUT this year I did something crazy. I read a book! In fact, I read it twice I loved and connected with it so much. If you feel like you are running yourself ragged or are craving some sort of deeper connection with people and things, this book is AMAZING.

This is Us– I rarely watch TV and I try not to even start any new shows because I get sucked in to the point that I binge watch like nobody’s business. That being said I am super picky about shows and movies. I don’t like sci fi, action or history based shows. In typical girl fashion, I usually am a fan of romantic comedies. This Is Us is not a show I’d normally go for which is why I held off for so long. I binge watched both seasons in 2 days and cried the entire time. IT’S SO GOOD!!

Pop Socket– I had to throw this one in here because it has been a life saver for me ever since I got the 7+. If you have tiny hands and a big phone, the pop socket will rock your world and make your life so much easier.