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Holiday 2020 Gift Guide: Amazon Gifts

HO HO HO it’s about to be an Amazon Christmas! With several retailers having shipping delays due to Covid, Amazon prime never steers you wrong! So whether you are shopping now or a week before Christmas, here are my favorite Amazon gifts to give!

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Holiday 2020 Gift Guide: Nordstrom Gifts

I always like to include a Nordstrom gift round up for the girls and guys every year as Nordstrom just makes it so easy to shop for gifts! Not only do they have a wide range of name brands that everyone loves but the free shipping and returns is a win-win if anything doesn’t work out! They have a gift section on their website but I’ve also rounded up my favorites below.

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Women

Anyone else just love holiday shopping for the ladies in your life? I usually feel like i’m shopping for myself because most of the time we tend to all like similar things! And if I’m already buying one for my sister, I probably need a matching one too right?! 😉

My favorite places to look for gifts for all of the ladies in my life are always Nordstrom and TJ Maxx! And if you are just stumped, I feel like you can never go wrong with a barefoot dreams blanket and volcano candle!

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Men

For whatever reason, I always find the men in my life the hardest to buy for every year! I personally usually default to a funny, fashion or practical gift as I feel like you can’t go wrong with either of those! Men tend to buy themselves toys before they will buy underwear and then complain when they get tighty whiteys in their stockings- go figure! All of the gifts below I’ve either given the men in my life or have come highly recommended by all of you!

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Besties

Whether your bestie has a birthday coming up or you want to surprise her or him with a bomb Christmas gift, all these gifts were hand selected by me and are sure to put a smile on your bestie’s face!

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