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Save vs Splurge: Amazon Designer Dupe Edition

For the last couple of years designer dupes have been all of the rage. I personally own a few myself because why buy the real deal when you can get the same look for less? That being said I’ve been known to splurge a time or two on designer items because I like nice things if/when I can afford them. And after all the real deal is going to have more meaning and last a lot longer.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that designer dupes are right or wrong. I am simply providing the service of uncovering them. Also know that not every dupe is a hidden gem. Please do your own research and read reviews on the quality and also about the credibility of each Amazon seller before purchasing.

Save vs Splurge Amazon designer dupes

Save vs Splurge Amazon designer dupes

Save vs Splurge Amazon designer dupes

If you have a specific designer item that you have been eyeing but can’t seem to pull the trigger on, leave it in the comments below and I’ll try to find a dupe for it! Please keep in mind that Amazon recently released a new project that they are working on called Project Zero that will be working to remove counterfeit items from Amazon. This means goodbye to a lot of these items above. I’m not sure when this will go into effect but you can read more about it here.

If you liked this post and want to see more save vs splurge items, whether that be designer dupes, clothing, make up, skin care, etc, let me know in the comments as well as what you would like to see next! See below for some more of my Amazon finds and if you have one you have found and would like to add, please leave it in the comments so others can enjoy!


Save vs Splurge: Walmart Edition

Two Walmart posts in a row?! I’ve officially hopped on the bandwagon. Also, I thought it was about time I brought the save vs. splurge series that started on Instagram on over to the blog so that it’s easy to reference back to at a later date. My philosphy with this series is why splurge on the real deal if the dupe is just as good?! I’m all about saving money where I can and I know you ladies feel me on that! So first up in this series, I thought I’d share some of my drugstore make up purchases along with some of the really great dupes I’ve seen at Walmart recently.


Accessories are something that I splurge on occasionally. I’m talking maybe a designer purse every other year but between those big, more long term, classic purchases I love making smaller, trendy purchases. Straw bags are one of those trendy purchases that I am talking about. I love them for the Spring/Summer but I want a new one every year and when I say I want one, I really want five so saving money is optimal.

Trendy shoes are another area that I tend to save because chances are they will be out of style next season. I love the look of the Sam Edelman woven mules but refused to pay $90 for them so these $14 woven mules from Walmart get the job done.

When it comes to make up, there are some items that I 100% splurge on and others that I will forever pick up on my weekly (er, daily) Walmart runs. Mascara will forever be a save item for me ever since I found L’Oreals Lash Paradise. It is said to be an identical dupe to Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I’ll never go back to buying expensive mascara now that I love this one so much!

Another product that I will forever use is the NYX precision brow pencil. I used the Anastasia brow wiz for years and let me just tell you the NYX is an identical dupe but has way more product in it. So not only is it less than half the price of the Anastasia, it lasts almost twice as long.

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