Set your alarm clocks because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes live August 11th for all cardholders. PSA: it is not too late to get approved for a Nordstrom credit card here

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is literally like Christmas morning minus the part you are the one playing Santa Claus and using real money instead of make believe North Pole money. Nonetheless, it is completely worth it. In fact, I used to take off work the first day of the sale so that I could wake up and shop it! Crazy lady status I know.


  • Make sure you login to your Nordstrom account and have your Nordstrom credit/debit card information loaded– Don’t waste any time once the sale goes live doing this. Make sure you log into your account beforehand and load your credit card information that way once the sale goes live you can check out quicker! Time is money my friends. *You HAVE to use your Nordstrom credit or debit card in order to purchase during early access. This is different from years past. You cannot use an alternate form of payment*
  • Make your wishlist now! If you’ve already perused the Nordstrom Sale Preview and know of exact items you want to snag, make sure to go ahead and save them to your Nordstrom wishlist so that you can checkout as soon as the sale goes live.
  • Set your alarm! The good stuff will go fast, so if you are dedicated to scoring the best of the best, you will want to head to my LTK profile or as soon as the sale goes live where I will have all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content saved. I’ve already gotten a sneak peak at everything that will be included so all I have to do is link everything up when the sale goes live!
  • Filter by category and specific brands that you know and love! Being an avid Nordstrom shopper I know which are popular, budget friendly brands and items that WILL sell out first. See below for my suggestions.
  • Check out my blog and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale drop down menu items (located at the top of my blog). I will continually add to these throughout the entire sale with the best items and items I expect to sell out first.





If you have anymore questions before or during the sale, please do not hesitate to email me at or send me a message on Instagram! I am happy to answer your questions or send you any links that you might need. Good luck friends and may the sale God’s be ever in your favor 😉