Trend to try: hair scarves

If you’ve seen my Instagram account lately, you’ve 100% seen my obsession with hair scarves. They are a God send for dirty hair days or just sprucing up an otherwise simple outfit. My favorite places to buy quality hair scarves are Madewell, Free People and Anthropologie. If you are looking for cheaper options, I suggest trying your local Walmart or Target as I will periodically find them there as well!

A couple pieces of advice: firstly, make sure you look for ones that are silk (faux silk works too!) as these are going to work best. They are easier to manipulate, stay put better, and overall look nicer!  Secondly, don’t pay too much of attention to the pattern since once it is rolled up, you will barely see it! Instead, look at the overall colors instead. See below for a round up of some of my favorites!