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I can’t believe I’ve never done a Q&A but I guess there is a first time for everything and also why this post is miles long! I want to start doing these “Chic Chats” with you ladies more often where you are more than welcome to ask me anything or where I can share more personal topics with you or just what is on my heart lately whether that’s about dating, blogging, struggles, finances, or what not! I’m open to it all but I always want this to be a place where you can come chit chat with a best friend from a far. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

General About Me


I am 26! My birthday is December 7th (Pearl Harbor day).


I am just shy of 5’4″! I get told all of the time how I look so much taller on Instagram which is always so funny to me.


I went to Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) and graduated with a Finance major and International Business minor. I actually studied abroad my sophomore year all over Europe – London, Paris, Nice, Monaco, Austria, Venice, and more!


I get a 3 strip meal with a sweat tea, fries well done (or extra crispy), and 3 Chick-fil-a sauces. Normally I get the sweet tea without ice so that I can take it home and pour it over ice myself! You get way more this way and if you’ve never had CFA sweet tea, well then you know why we need it to fill every square inch of that cup!


I honestly don’t go to Starbucks all too often unless I’m “doing it for the gram”. At home I drink pumpkin spice coffee (all year round because I’m basic like that) with vanilla creamer. I’d also like to point out that I like my coffee white. People tend to ask me if I want coffee with my creamer. Oopsies. If I do go to Starbucks it’s usually on 2 occasions. The first is when I’m sick to order the Medicine Ball drink which is a combination of teas, peppermint, lemon and honey. The second is around the holidays to order a caramel bruleé latte!

New Diet Coke Flavors



I honestly could do an entire post on this and I think I should. Each day is different. There are pros and cons to being a full time blogger, number one being that you get to make your own schedule. This has definitely been my biggest struggle. That being said, Mondays are always my “get shit done” days. I almost never get out of my pjs and I spend the entire day catching up on emails and content planning. I’d like to say the rest of the week is as organized as Mondays but that would be a lie. I try to always start my day with coffee and answering emails. Beyond that every day is different but some of my other tasks include: shopping (yes that’s a large part of my job believe it or not), going to stores to do try on sessions, planning out outfits, taking pictures (another large part), planning out blog posts, researching for blog posts, interacting with you guys on Instagram, and so much more!


Long story short, I was born with hip dysplasia. I had two Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO for short) surgeries to correct the deformities. These surgeries were both last year. I had my left hip done March, 24th 2017 and my right hip done October 9, 2017. Both required a two month recovery period and another 2 months in physical therapy. This was a very large part of why I moved home. My parents literally had to do everything for me. You can read more about what that is and my experience here.


Ha! And I say that because after you read my next question/answer you are going to think the same thing. Without being too gross, I have a very healthy digestive system. I battled IBS for a good portion of my life and still have flare ups every once and awhile. I’d like to say that I work out regularly but that would be a lie. Ever since working from home I’m honestly even less active than I used to be but I do try to do a few, quick at home workouts. I shared which ones I usually do here. I’ve tried joining a gym or workout classes but I was just throwing money down the drain.

A lot of my body type can be attributed to good genetics, a healthy digestive system, and diet. Yes, I eat a lot of CFA but besides that, I eat pretty healthy. My biggest piece of advice is to eat small portions. You can always go back for seconds but if you fill your plate up to the brim on your first round, you are more likely to overeat. I try never to “stuff” myself. Stop eating when you are full! Eating slowly also ensures this.


Is it too predictable to say Chick-fil-a? Because as much as I eat it that would probably be my request. In fact when I traveled abroad for a month my last meal out of the country was CFA and you can bet it was my first one when I got back! Also does this meal include dessert? Because I’m going to need a large bowl of Cookie Two Step ice cream for dessert please.


Yes! I’d honestly live here forever if it was socially acceptable. My parents and I have a great relationship! You’d think that with all 3 of us being home all of the time (my parents are retired), that we would get sick of each other but for the most part we don’t! I have my own office upstairs that I spend the majority of the day in. Both of my parents have their own offices as well so we don’t see each other too much throughout the day besides meals. We usually cook/eat dinner together and catch up on shows. As far as everything else goes, I come and go as I please. My parents used to be so strict growing up but now we are more like best friends 🙂


I started out living at home really because of timing. There were quite a few major life factors that played a role in making the decision for me that I talked about in this post. I had NO idea that I would still be living at home a year later but here we are.  A large part of why I have stayed is because I have such a great relationship with my parents, I’m happy saving money while I can, and I’m honestly unsure if I want to stay in Houston so I didn’t want to get locked into a year lease and then decide to peace out. I’m staying here until I know my next step and hopefully by then my savings will have grown even more than they already have!


I really don’t. Besides my blogging buds, I honestly don’t have a ton of friends that I hang out or keep up with. It’s weird how the older you get, the less friends you have but I’ve been weirdly ok with that. I keep up with the friends that I can’t live without and have let other friendships fizzle out that seem forced. I’ve been far more selective with who I give my time to recently. I try to make time for friends and experiences that build me up and make me feel alive! As for going out, I love it! I am a social butterfly on the weekends and I LOVE to dance 🙂 Funny enough, it seems like the only time I run into any of you is when I’m two sheets to the wind. My apologies ladies.


Still trying to figure that one out. I have a running list of things I like and don’t like. I’m way too much of a people person for a 9-5 desk job, I know that. I’d love for my next business step to be something in the fashion realm. Possibly in marketing, social media or styling! I love what I do now but is it my end all be all? No.

Blogging FAQ



Yes and no. I’m one of the last single ones out of my friend group which kind of sucks because you really don’t realize that you are #singleAF until you are surrounded by people who are all married and/or having kids. But most of the time, yes! I actually did an entire blog post on my feelings about being single and what my season of singleness has taught me hereIf you are in the same season, I highly suggest you read it and why I genuinely think that we (all of the single ladies), are the lucky ones.


I mean… I haven’t waited this long not to have Prince Charming is all I’m saying. Hehe. In all seriousness I don’t have a list of criteria and honestly I don’t have a “type”. Every guy that I have dated has been SO different. Looks, race, personality, the whole shebang. I usually go for the confident guys. The ones that aren’t afraid to approach me and start a conversation. If they can make me laugh, game over. Yes, looks are important but honestly personality is way more important to me. For that reason, I’ll go on a date with just about anyone! Other factors that are very attractive: success/motivation to better themselves, enjoy traveling, and know how to have a good time. Someone that will go out with me on Friday night and church on Sundays. Is that too much to ask for?


I go through spurts. One minute I’m like “I don’t need no man” and I just enjoy the single train and other time’s I’m all like “maybe it’s time to settle down” and I’ll jump on a few dating apps. I’ve been told a million times that I’ll find someone when I stop looking so that’s pretty much what I’ve done. Stopped looking in the sense I rarely get on dating apps anymore. I still like to think that I put myself in plenty of social situations for the right man to come along. I’ve been on quite a few dates over the past year as well as met plenty of guys out. Almost none have resulted in a second date or me changing their number in my phone to an actual name. After getting burned so bad from my last “relationship”, my perspective on dating has changed. I never fully opened up about this but you can read an open letter to him here.


Dating is awkward enough without throwing dating apps into the mix. I don’t particularly like them. Theoretically I’d rather meet someone out or through friends than meet up with a stranger but it’s easier said than done. I’ve been on all of the dating apps. I’ve deleted them, redownloaded them, met up with people from them, been catfished, gone on second dates, even fallen for some of the guys. So yes I’m well versed on dating apps even though I don’t particularly like them. I hate that dating apps have become a way of life because I honestly think that it prevents people from making moves in person. It hinders people’s confidence because it takes the work out of making a connection in person. And with confidence being a major attraction for me, dating apps seem to only bring about men who are lacking in that department unfortunately. I’m not sure what that says about me since I have been on them from time to time but I’m also the first girl at the bar to hit on a guy that I think is attractive so…?

My quick and short analysis if you are thinking about joining a dating app. Bumble sucks. The guys aren’t of high quality and the ones that are just want to message back and forth and never meet up. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Coffee Meets Bagel has plenty of people that want to meet up but none were very attractive to me. I did like the platform better than Bumble since it gave more background information on each guy. Maybe your area might be better? It’s worth a shot. The League is supposed to be for business professionals but you only get 3 matches a day. I used the platform for months and never met up with a single guy. Hinge is probably the most fun. You get funny tidbits about each guy, background info and pics. I’ve probably had the most success with this app and it’s the most user friendly.

Capelli Keratin Bond Hair Extensions



I just took them out last week and already want them back in! You can read all about what type, cost, the process, styling and maintenance here.


I go back and forth between my T3 appliances and my Hot Tools wand depending on the length of my hair and what type of curl I am going for. For everyday curls, I love the Hot Tools wand. For tighter curls, I use the T3 1 inch wand. For loose waves, I use the T3 1.5 inch wand.


 I go to Sharon at Trademark Salon for my cut, color and now extensions. I cannot recommend her enough! I have always been more than pleased with my services. In fact, she is the first hair stylist that I have gone to more than once which is saying A LOT because I had never been happy with my hair until finding Sharon. And I tried five Houston salons before finding Trademark! For those that aren’t in the Spring area, she is well worth the drive!

Trademark Salon Location:

10300 Louetta Rd #106, Houston, TX 77070


I’ve been using Sunday Riley’s UFO oil at night for the past year and it has dramatically changed my acne prone skin! It’s pricey but works wonders. Also, I’ve used the same eye shadow pallet since high school and constantly get questions about it. I use the Too Faced Natural Eye Pallet. It’s such a great everyday eyeshadow look.

Blogging FAQ



I was a supply analyst for a retail power company for 3 years. I didn’t hate the work but I did not enjoy the company culture and knew it’s not what I wanted to be doing forever.


Like most people it started as a hobby and a creative outlet. I moved home after college and started work. I absolutely hated it at first. Nobody talked to me, I had no friends that moved back to Houston and to top it off I felt like a loser at the time for living at home. I was pretty depressed for awhile. I desperately needed something that I could pour my time into that I enjoyed doing. Insert blogging. I followed a few bloggers and always thought their work was so appealing. My entire life I was the one doing people’s hair and make up at sleepovers. I was also always the one being asked, “Where did you get that cute outfit?!” so it seemed natural to fall into blogging. My sister’s boyfriend at the time offered to set up my website (something I’m still SO grateful for), and the rest was history!


November will make 3 years! I started November 2015. My first blog post, as terrible as it is, is here. Goes to show everyone has to start somewhere. Apparently that somewhere for me was starting every blog post with “Hello Lovelies!”. EW.


I’m honestly surprised I don’t get this question more often. I think most people think it’s just a random, cute name but there was actually SO much thought that went into it. I thought about the name for over 6 months and had over 100 possible contenders. Crazy!! But the real meaning behind the blog name is explained here.


I joined RewardStyle (an affiliate network) when I had just 1k followers. I didn’t really start making money off of that until months later and even then it was minuscule. I think once I hit 10k is when I started charging for sponsored posts. Even at that point it was very little. At the beginning you definitely have to be prepared to sink a large sum into your blog knowing you might never see a return. I’d say that I didn’t break even until probably a year into blogging. Once I hit 50k on Instagram is really when I saw my sponsorships increase.


There are so many different factors! The great thing about blogging/working for yourself is that if you put 10% in, you are only going to get 10% out. If you put 110% in, the return is far greater. Since I’ve been blogging full time, my blogging income has quadrupled. When I took the plunge, I was making a quarter of what I make now. I am just shy of making what I made at my full time job. Bloggers make money several different ways. 1) through affiliate links meaning we get a small commission every time a follower purchases something through one of our links. 2) Through advertisements on the blog. I personally do not do any of these. 3) Through sponsorships. A company will pay for a dedicated blog or social post.

Every blogger charges a different amount. There is no “standard” in the blogging industry which is honestly quite frustrating because a lot of bloggers will work for free which ends up screwing the rest of us if companies know that they can get away with not paying. While this is not a written rule, most bloggers charge companies $100 per every 10k Instagram followers. So for instance if I follow this rule, I would charge $100 * 6.74 (67.4k Instagram followers)=  $675 per Instagram post. A blog post is more expensive! I know that doesn’t give you a straightforward answer but I know some bloggers that make way over 6 figures and some that barely make anything.


Once you have a decent following, it is very easy to work on a trade basis when it comes to traveling. When I travel, I will reach out to hotels, restaurants and brands that I want to work with and ask if they will let give me a room, meal or clothing for free in exchange for a feature on my social channels. This doesn’t always work but a lot of times it does considering they would normally have to pay for this type of exposure! Bigger bloggers can get paid to travel. Also, sometimes I will line up several paid brand sponsorships during a trip so that it pays for my flight and then some! Usually if you tell a brand that wants to work with you that you can shoot for them in say Hawaii, they are more on board to pay you than your average backyard pool pic:)


O goodness. Probably the inconsistency. Some months I make 4X what I make in another month. There is no set paycheck. Like I said it’s dependent on how much you put into it as well as luck. Some months you receive more collaboration opportunities than others. Season is also a big factor. A lot of companies have bigger budgets during the holidays to push holiday promotions. After the new year is usually a “slump period” because everyone is recovering from spending so much during the holidays!


I wrote a blog post only 4 months into my blogging journey about how to meet other bloggers and it is still 100% accurate! I guess I really did know a thing or two back then 🙂 You can find that post here.


You have to keep in mind that I do this for a living! My job is literally to show you the newest trends. It’s not to buy a bunch of clothes and wear them 500 times (like a normal person lol). I wear most things one time which is to show you how to style an outfit! If I showed you the same outfit more than once it really isn’t doing anyone a service. Instead, I try to show you new ways to style different pieces as well as how to bring in new styles each season. I am gifted quite a bit of clothing and what I do buy comes out of a monthly budget that I allow for my business.

Also, keep in mind I do not keep everything that I show you ladies. A lot of times I buy clothes to do at home try on sessions and then return what I do not forsee wearing for more than one Instagram photo. I know it’s hard to compare your closet with bloggers’ closets but you can’t do that! Our clothes are our money makers. If we don’t have new, “linkable” clothes, we don’t make money. But it takes money to make money!


It has taken me 3 years and SO many hours to grow my Instagram to what it is. I am on Instagram almost 24/7 and that’s not an exaggeration. I have been affected by the algorithm just like everyone else and it sucks but I’ve chosen not to harp on it. Instead, I’m focusing my energy on creating the best content that I can which is all we really can. While it is a lot harder than it used to be to grow, I did an entire post here on how I have successfully grown my Instagram following.

Keep in mind that nobody is an overnight success and that there is no magic formula. I am very proud to say that I have never bought followers or likes which has unfortunately become the normal in our industry. If you are just starting out, my biggest piece of advice to grow your audience is to be genuine and true to yourself from the beginning! People want to follow and connect with someone that they have a connection with. You can’t have a connection with someone who is trying to be someone completely different.

If you have any more questions or have a topic you want me to cover in the next Chic Chat please leave a comment and let me know!

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5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, all opinions are mine alone. #BecauseICan #IGottaHaveIt #CollectiveBias

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

One question that I get asked a lot from all of you is “How do I turn something I’m passionate about into a career”? Let me just tell you that it involves a lot of soul searching and even more caffeine! But believe me, I had the same question and still do. I am constantly analyzing what I’m good at and if there is the potential for a pay off. We are constantly told to chase our dreams but that’s hard to do without an income source. Whether you are looking at making a complete career change or want to start a side hustle, today I am teaming up with Diet Coke® to share five hobbies that have made me money or brought about valuable career opportunities.

My hope with sharing this is not to have you set out in search of a hobby that will make you money. A hobby should be something that you are genuinely interested in whether or not you ever make a dollar from it. If making a quick buck is your only intent when starting out, then there is a good possibility that when things get tough (and they will get tough), that you will quickly lose interest and move onto something else. So think about what you like to do for fun, what you are good at, or what brings you or others around you happiness and go from there. Then use those passions and interests as fuel for learning how to turn your hobby into a revenue source.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Top | Shorts | Sandals | SunglassesBag

If you don’t consider shopping a hobby, think again! There is definitely money to be made here, especially if you have a knack for finding a good deal. Everyone wants the next best thing but doesn’t want to fork over an arm and a leg for it. The more you shop around, get a feel for what is available and at what different price points, the more educated you are on scoring a great deal. From that point, there are multiple outlets to making money.

If you have a knack for hitting up garage sales, estate sales or bargain spots then you might be able to make money reselling these items for more than what you bought them for. Outlets like Ebay, Craigslist, or local consignment stores are usually best for this. You could also become a personal shopper for somebody else who does not have the time or care to do so. These types of jobs are normally paid by the hour but can also be commission based. Lastly, if you want to earn money by sharing some of those great deals you find on the internet, you can sign up for an affiliate network. This means that every time someone uses your product link, you will earn a small commission. Bloggers use this as part of their income source!


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Top | Shorts | Felt Letter Board

I currently make my entire salary from blogging (a form of writing) if that tells you anything! This once upon hobby has now turned into a daily paycheck that pays my bills and so much more! If you have a knack for writing, connecting with like minded people, and documenting bits of your life then you might try dabbling in blogging. Whether you have a passion for fashion, fitness, cooking, traveling, parenting advice, or whatever it might be, try sharing your ideas on the internet and see what traction you get. Once you start to build an audience, money can be made through advertisements , sponsored posts, and commission based affiliate networks.

If you do not have an interest in the maintenance to start your own blog but feel like you have valuable information, stories, or advice that you could share, there are many opportunities for freelance writers. This is where you would sell your article to a site for either a flat rate or an agreed upon price per word count.

TRAVELING5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Swimsuit Top | Swimsuit Bottoms | Shorts | Hat | Bag

If you have a passion for traveling then you know that it is an expensive hobby. I’m not sitting here telling you that it is easy to travel for free but I am saying that thanks to the internet and growing economy, it is easier than ever to merge your love for travel with making money. Because of this, there are in fact ways to make travel cheaper and even profitable if you are willing to think outside of the box!

A few ways to earn money and travel are to become a travel writer or blogger, house or pet sit, work on a cruise ship, teach english, become a tour guide, or work remotely for any type of virtual job. An online business or job can be run from anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Top | Skort | Shoes | Sunglasses

Maybe you grew up playing sports or maybe you’ve picked them up later in life, either way there is value in the love of the game. Not only are you working on interpersonal skills and expanding your network, but you are getting fit in the process! For those that are stuck in the hobby zone, you never know when your next job lead can come up in a conversation over a round of golf or maybe the drinks that follow afterword. So even if you never make a dollar from a tennis match, intramural softball game, or round of golf, connections are the most valuable form of job leads!

Now if you are the next Tom Brady or truly have a gift for sports, you might consider coaching or personal training. These types of jobs are normally paid by the hour, are flexible, and are usually a long term type of gig as most people need multiple sessions.


5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off
5 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Jumpsuit | Sandals | Sunglasses | Hat | Bag | Sunglasses

Photos by: BanAvenue

Almost everyone these days has a camera, whether it’s on your phone or a DSLR. Technology has made it so easy for us to take great photos! While the market is saturated, pictures are truly something that everyone wants and needs which is a good thing for you if you have an eye for art and taking a great photo!

If you think you have a handle on capturing beautiful moments and have learned your way around a camera, try starting a social media page and growing a business. You might offer to take some pictures for family or friends to build up your portfolio and if you do a good job, before you know it people will want to pay you for your work!

New Diet Coke Flavors

New Diet Coke Flavors

New Diet Coke Flavors

Sweatshirt | Leggings | Shoes | Bag

Now how do I do it all? Like I said, a lot of caffeine because sleep is hard to come by when you are turning your passions into careers! I was so excited to team up with Diet Coke to try out their new flavors that come in these sleek 12 ounce cans. They have the same, great flavor as the one and only Diet Coke has always had just with a facelift! New flavors include Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango. My personal favorite is the Feisty Cherry and they weren’t kidding when they said feisty. This one packs a punch that you won’t know what I’m really talking about until you try.

You can find these on-the-go singles or 8-packs at most grocery stores and convenience stores! I picked mine up at my local HEB. And because I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t give you some sort of great deal, you can earn $1.25 when you purchase an 8-pack of Diet Cokes along with any brand of avocados. Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate.

 *Thank you Diet Coke® for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


How to Grow Your Instagram

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Street style: black vest + leather leggings + OTK boots, black on black , all black everything

Vest: Similar | Leggings: Nordstrom | Boots: Nordstrom Rack (size down a full size) | Purse: Similar (less than $40) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Photography by: Banavenue

The question that I get asked the most since I started blogging is “How did you grow your Instagram so fast?”. When I started out, I think I probably googled the same thing and tried to look to other bloggers for some magic formula that would shoot me to the top. Unfortunately there is no magic formula and while there are certainly tips that I am going to share with you today, remember that what works for one person may not work for another. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but since so many of you have asked over the past year, I thought it was finally time to share how I gained 18,000 followers in one year.

In the beginning…

  1. The “follow to unfollow” method: If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am referring to where someone will follow hundreds of Instagram accounts and then after a few days they will go unfollow every single account. Why would someone do this? Because it get’s their name in front of Instagram accounts that might not have seen them otherwise. It is pretty frowned upon by people who have been in the business for awhile because it is “spammy”. It might be “spammy” but it certainly works and in the beginning, you do what you have to do. So I would go follow about 100 accounts a night, and then go unfollow them 3 days later if they didn’t follow me back. This got me a couple thousand followers. You can download the app InsTrack to easily track who is and is not following you back. At the point that I am at, I do not do this anymore but I felt like it is one that I should still disclose.
  2. Loop Giveaways: If you have been around Instagram for awhile you most likely have participated in one. These are where in order for an Instagram user to enter into the giveaway, they must follow every single account that is hosting the giveaway. It is called a “loop” because it will take you to each host’s Instagram and will bring you back to whoever you started with. If you are looking to get involved in one of these giveaways, they are usually around $20-$30 to be a part of and you can find out how to get in on one by simply asking someone else that has already done one. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Again, these are a little “spammy” because contestants hate having to follow so many accounts. While giveaways are great to help gain followers fast, you will usually see that right after the giveaway is over, you will lose a substantial amount of the following that you just created due to the fact that they only followed you so that they could win a contest, not because they actually wanted to. I still participate in these from time to time but I try to keep it to a minimum. This has probably boosted my following by at least 5,000 followers.
  3. Call on your friends: Sometimes all it takes is asking! Have your friends give you a quick shout out on their social media pages telling their followers to give you a follow. This could be something along the lines of, “Everyone go follow my best friend’s new blog, you can find her on social media with the handle @itsallchictome”.
  4. “Follow Fridays”: I’d say that these are more for bloggers and small business owners. Essentially what you do is get together a group of 4 people that would want to promote each other to their own followers. As you probably guessed, this happens on Fridays. I typically will try to pair up with 3 other fashion bloggers that I genuinely like to follow so I know that they would be people that my followers would like to follow as well. I would suggest trying to stick to promoting other accounts that are in your same realm of business. Whenever you promote a “follow Friday”, you are essentially getting all of the other participants’ followers. The higher the amount of followers that each of the other 3 participants have, the more followers you will get. These do not gain a ton of followers, but they certainly help. Most people will delete the Instagram post after 24 hours.

The must do’s…

  1. Engagement is everything: You must engage with your current followers but you must also engage with potential followers. Both parts to this equation are crucial. Your followers want to hear from you and know that you are a person that is interested in them and what they have to say. On the other hand, it is important to constantly be getting your name out there. So while you might not think that commenting on some random girl’s photo is doing you any good, you are wrong. Each time you comment on someone’s photo, there are new people that are going to see your name. Exposure is everything and it all starts with engaging. When I say engage, I specifically mean liking and commenting on other people’s photos. You should be doing this daily. I would say that I like and comment on about 100 people’s Instagram accounts per day. Make sure that you are constantly following new people and commenting on different people’s accounts so that you are getting a broader reach.
  2. Use ALL 30 hashtags: This is imperative. Instagram only allows you to use 30 hashtags and you should be using all of them. It doesn’t matter if you think that they make your caption look dumb, I promise that everyone else is doing it and you just have to realize that it’s part of the business game. It is important to think of Instagram like a search engine and hashtags are the only way to search for something. Hashtags get users to your page that might not have found you any other way. There are popular hashtags that you can and should use (and I will most likely do another post on that). I would suggest doing half and half when it comes to popular hashtags versus explanatory hashtags. Explanatory hashtags are anything to explain what is going on in the picture. Whether it is an article of clothing, a brand, or an action that is taking place. Think about what someone might search for in hopes to land on your picture. The best way to input hashtags into your photo is by hiding them into a comment right after you post. This way once people start commenting on your post, the hashtags will get hidden unless someone takes the time to go back through your comments.
  3. Getting featured: Tag every brand or company possible in every single photo that you post. Regrams (when a company or account reposts your photo) help grow your following so much and also put your name out there to brands that you might really want to work with. If you know that a company is going to be posting about you on their Instagram account, make sure you ask them to not only tag you in the photo, but to also give you credit in the caption. The bigger the following of the account that reposts you, the more followers that they are sending your way. Getting featured on’s Instagram is just about the best thing that can happen. They have over 2 million followers and if you get reposted on here, not only will it send hundreds if not thousands of new followers your way, it also will give you a nice paycheck to boot.

If you have any other specific questions on this topic, please visit my contact page and shoot me an email. I am always happy to help where I can! If you enjoy my blog tip posts like this one, please let me know so that I can keep them coming for you guys!