GIFT GUIDE: Coworkers


Continuing on with the holiday gift guides, this one is for all of the coworkers, employees, bosses and business acquaintances. I put a lot of thought into these gifts to hopefully make your holiday shopping a lot easier! Click any of the images above in the collage or below in the swipe through carousels to shop the items!

1. Coffee Mug/Thermos/Tumbler

As cliche as it sounds, no guy or girl can pass up a new coffee mug, especially if they are a coffee lover! My personal favorites are the ones with funny sayings or my initial.

2. Work Bag

Most working ladies don’t want to carry a purse and laptop bag so a larger tote is usually a good compromise. Check out some of my favorites below.

3. Desk Necessities

From one 8-5er to the next, there are a few desk necessities that after being in the office for a few years I can’t live without. Some of these items include picture frames (let’s make it a little homey in the office!), ceramic tray (for rings and other jewelry that might get in the way of a keyboard), and a docking station (to charge phone/ipad).

4. Wrap

For some insane reason that I will never understand, office buildings are always the equivalent of the North Pole temperature year round. I always keep a few different colored cardigans/wraps at work for this purpose.

5. Funny Gifts

And if you just have no idea what to get your coworker, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

Gift Guide for coworkers, employees, bosses and business acquaintances
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