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If you saw yesterday’s post, then you know that I am currently on a flight home. A 10 hour international flight to be exact! I thought it only fitting to share with you some of the items that I cannot travel without. While a few of these are specific to long, international flights, the majority are items that I take with me every single flight I go on, whether it is 30 minutes or 30 hours. If I leave anything important or helpful off, please let me know!

Comfortable Clothing // While some girls like to get dressed up for the airport, I do not and I think the general public would agree that comfort beats cute when it comes to airport fashion. My go to for a flight is always a good pair of leggings, joggers or sweatpants paired with a cotton tee, cardigan, and tennis shoes. Keep in mind that layers are your best friend when traveling so even if it’s hot outside, I suggest packing a sweater in your carry on for those freezing flights.

Backup Battery // Whether you plan on playing solitaire, rewatching SATC or listening to music, chances are you are going to run down your battery at some point. Having a portable charger is never a bad idea! It will also come in handy throughout your travels. This one is my tried and true favorite.

Empty Water Bottle // This is another good item to bring with you not only for flights, but also for your international travels. Isn’t it crazy to think that water is more expensive than beer in some countries?! Having a refillable water bottle with you will help you save money and keep you hydrated! I am loving this marble cased one that also keeps your water nice and cold.

Good Luggage // It might seem like such an adult thing to spend your money on (and maybe it is!), but it is well worth the money to have a set of luggage that will roll with ease throughout the airport. If you still have a luggage set that does not roll on four wheels, it’s probably time for a new set! Your arms and back will thank you. I purchased the below DVF luggage set over the past year and get compliments on it every single time that I travel.

Warm Socks // There is nothing worse than a case of cold toesies on an airplane! I always pack a pair of fuzzy socks. The best $2 that I have ever spent. If you want to splurge on a pair of “airplane socks” these are the best!

Passport Holder // While yes it makes for cute Instagram photos, it’s actually insanely helpful as it makes it easy to spot in your purse or carry on.

Fresh Face/Breath // I am not sure why but airplanes always make me feel so greasy and gross! I always pack my must have toiletries and make up in my carry on for this very purpose and also because if my luggage doesn’t make it to my final destination for some reason, at least I will have a little piece of sanity. TULA makes the best travel sized toiletries. I use their cleanser, moisturizer and exfloiating mask religiously. Get their discovery kit for 20% off with code ITSALLCHIC. I am also listing some of my favorite travel sized beauty items below.

A Good Book // If you need something to pass the time or if you are like me and an airplane is somehow the only place that you can find the time to read, make sure to pack a good book. I brought along the book Present over Perfect and highly suggest it for any other girlbosses out there.

A few other things that you might want to pack in your carry on is an extra change of clothes, hand sanitizer, face wipes, facial masks, a neck pillow, laptop, camera, phone charger, laptop charger, plug converter, headache medicine, and snacks. If I have missed anything else that you consider to be a carry on must have, please let me know in the comments below!