Best Skincare Products with SPF for Summer

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

Summer Make Up

A couple weeks ago I asked you ladies for your favorite skincare and make up products that contained SPF and boy did y’all deliver! There were hundreds of answers so I tried out some of the top recommendations and I’m sharing my review of all of them below.

I can honestly say it wasn’t until the past couple of years that I started realizing the importance of taking care of my skin and investing in products that will do just that. A large part of that was due to the fact that my mom had a melanoma and a large part was also the age spots and skin damage that I was starting to notice on my own skin. It’s never too early to start protecting your skin so that will look better and younger longer!



I first raved about this product in this extensive beauty routine post. I am now scraping out the very last bits of this product and will 100% be repurchasing. It has replaced all of my other primers and doubles as a moisturizer too. It helps fill in pores, even out your skin tone and make you foundation go on much easier and smoother. I actually end up using less foundation because the primer really makes the foundation go a lot further than it normally would.


On days that I just want a tinted moisturizer for a no-make up, make up kind of look, I reach for this product. I will say this product probably will only work for my fair skined ladies as it only comes in one shade which is not super dark. It also has a pink undertone to it. With that being said, it does blend very nicely and provides a very light coverage. I usually just apply bronzer over this and call it a day!


I have used this moisturizer for years. You can find it buried in the same beauty routine blog post that I mentioned before. It is my favorite moisturizer especially if you have normal to oily skin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or oily one bit so I love using it in the mornings and at night. It smells like ginger and has a pretty liquidy consistency which makes it great for mixing in tanning drops. I am currently using the Isle of Paradise tanning drops in shade dark.


I somehow always forget to put sun protection on my lips so during the Summer months I switch out my normal chapstick for one with SPF. I’ve tried several but this Kiehl’s one is by far my favorite. It is SO moisturizing and true to it’s name, like butter! It comes in a few different tints but I personally just use the untinted.

Make Up


I’ve used this product for over 5 years now and cannot say enough good things about it. The CC Cream comes in a few different formulas: matte, normal and illumination. My personal favorite for the Summer or if you have oily skin is the matte formula which has SPF 40. I usually use the normal formula (SPF 50) for the rest of the year. If you do not have oily skin I would suggest getting the normal formula. This is a full coverage foundation without being too heavy or cakey. I use shade medium in the Summer months. If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out.


While the CC Cream is my #1 bae, this Tarte foundation is a close second for the Summer. It’s a little bit lighter and more whip like in consistency. I would say it is a full coverage foundation again without feeling heavy or looking cakey. I use shade medium beige.


While I don’t love the applicator on this product, I do like the product itself. The metal applicator is fine for applying to product but to actually work the product into your skin, I suggest using a beauty blender or a small brush. As far as coverage I would say it is a light to medium coverage. I use shade fair.


If you are looking for a liquid bronzer (aka don’t want that powder look), this is a great option that has SPF built in! On days that I am out in the sun, I usually skip the powder products and opt for the liquid ones so that they aren’t as cakey and provide more of a natural, dewy finish.


There are very few setting sprays that also have SPF in them. While I definitely would choose my Urban Decay All Nighter spray over this one majority of the year, I always reach for my coola setting spray on days that I know I will be in the sun. Setting spray is meant to be the last step after applying your make up. It locks everything is place, making your make up stay all day. And if you are going to use a setting spray anyway, why not make sure it has some protection in it? I will not that it does have a sunscreen smell to it.


If you have a full face of make up on, the last thing you want to do is slather sunscreen on and mess it all up. The Tarteguard powder is a translucent powder that has SPF already in it. The applicator is genius and really does work so well. Depending on your make up routine and how many of your make up products actually have SPF, this would be a great product to work into your routine in place of a liquid sunscreen.

If you are shopping for any skincare or make up products not necessarily just with SPF, I urge you to check out QVC’s selection. I am officially converted and always check their website before I make the trip to Sephora. Why? Because QVC almost always have some sort of deal on a skincare or make up product that I am wanting to buy. Usually it’s either a significant discount or a “free” product with purchase (for example: a make up brush or travel sized mini). Plus, if you haven’t shopped on QVC’s site before you can use code TAKE5 for $5 off your first purchase!

Photos by: BanAvenue

*This post is in partnership with QVC. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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Daily Beauty Routine

Makeup Routine

With the Sephora Beauty Insider event currently underway, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my ride or die everyday makeup products. With my job I get the opportunity to try out SO many makeup, skin care and hair care products. Some products are so good I end up bumping an old one out of the crew and others get thrown into the donation box. These right here are my makeup products that have stood the true test and are products I keep coming back to. See below for all of the details on the sale and a little bit more about each of my favorite products.

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  1. Primer– Prior to using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, I used a moisturizer AND primer before putting on my makeup. The magic cream serves as both! So while it is a little bit of a splurge, it is taking the place of two products. And it certainly lives up to it’s name. It is pure MAGIC! It leaves my skin soft and hydrated without feeling greasy or like my make up will slide off of my face. It also fills in my pores so that the rest of my make up goes on as smoothly as possible. If you are someone with oily skin and/or bigger pores, you will love this product.
  2. Foundation– I’ve raved about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream for years now. I’ve been using it almost 7 years and would be surprised if I ever switch away. I have tried other foundations that compete it with it such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear or NARS Natural Radiant Foundation , but I always come back to this one. It is full coverage without looking cakey. I wear it on “no makeup” days with mascara and even to go out with a full face of make up. It’s the perfect everyday foundation. It also comes in a matte formula that I would suggest for oily/combination skin and an illumination formula that I like to mix with the regular formula in the Spring/Summer for a more dewy look. I use shade light in the winter months and medium in the warmer months.
  3. Concealer– I have used Tarte Shape Tape for years and would highly suggest it if you have dark circles. I use it under my eyes, in between my brows, down my nose, and over any blemishes. I apply it with the applicator and then “dab” it into my skin with a damp beauty blender.
  4. Setting Powder– I use this loose setting powder with a damp beauty blender to set my concealer under my eyes. There is something about using loose powder that seams to work better for this area of the face. I’ll use any residue from the beauty blender in any oily areas of my face, usually my T zone.
  5. Pressed Powder – I have found that applying a translucent pressed powder with a brush works best for the rest of my face as it doesn’t apply as much concentrated make up in one application. I particularly love this setting powder because it has a small amount of illumination in the formula meaning it gives a slight glow! Love this for a natural, dewy finish. The setting powders are meant to make your make up last longer by minimize oil and grease.
  6. Bronzer – I am not a contour girl by any means but I do like a bronzer that I can use all over whether that be my cheek bones, hair line or neck. This is not a matte bronzer as it does have a slight shimmer to it which personally I feel like makes the face less dull! It gives a very natural, sun kissed tan to the face. I apply it in a 3 motion along my hair line, under my cheek bones, and below my jaw line. I will also bring it down my neck.
  7. Blush – While this blush oddly looks like a female body part that I won’t name, I cannot say enough good things! I fell in love with this product the moment I started using it. I use the shade “First Love” which is almost a cross between a bronzer and blush. It gives the perfect sun kissed look. Not too pink, not too coral, just right!
  8. Highlighter – I apply highlighter on days I want a little extra “oomph”. It makes the face pop a little more, especially for pictures. I apply my highlighter on top of my cheek bones, above my blush, above my eyebrows, down my nose and above my upper lip. Think about it as putting the highlighter anywhere that the sun would naturally catch your face.
  9. Setting Spray – The last thing I do before heading out of the house. Setting spray is used to hold your makeup in place throughout the day/night and is honestly a So refreshing! I’ve noticed a huge difference since adding this step into my routine.
  10. Eyeshadow– I’ve been using this pallete for the past year and absolutely love it. Most of the shades are in the brown family with hints of purple and pink making it a great Spring/Summer, everyday pallete. Most of the colors have a shimmer to them so if you prefer matte palletes, I would not suggest this one.
  11. Pencil Liner – I don’t like harsh eyeliner on my bottom water line so I usually use eyeshadow or this pencil. I use shade “smog” and it is the perfect color to make your eyes pop.
  12. Liquid Liner – This drugstore liquid liner has a felt tip that provides easy application. I use this on my lids and sometimes to make a cat eyeliner look. I’ve tried the higher end versions and this one trumped all of them!
  13. Mascara – The best drugstore mascara out there and personally my overall favorite. If you have long lashes and like bristle brush applicators, you’ll love this one.
  14. Brow Pencil – I used Anastasia pencils for years before finding this gem. It last 3X as long as it very similar. It has an angled pencil on one end and a brow brush on the other. I used shade soft brown.
  15. Brow Gel – A newer find for me but since I have long eyebrow hairs, this clear gel makes sure to keep the hairs in place all day without giving them a gel like appearance.
  16. Lipstick – I use shade Backtalk and it is a great everyday shade. Not too pink, not too brown, but a soft shade in the middle. It is also not too matte which I love since my lips tend to get chapped and this one does not have that effect!
  17. Powder Brush – I use this to apply my setting powder.
  18. Blush Brush – I use this too apply my blush to my cheek bones.
  19. Bronzer Brush – I use this too apply bronzer as well as blend out any harsh lines from the bronzer and blush.
  20. Eyeshadow Brush – I use this to apply my eyeshadow. It is the only brush that I use for my lid, crease and outer corners. It is a great blending brush too.
  21. Beauty Blender – I use this too apply my concealer and loose setting powder. Make sure it is ALWAYS damp when you use it. This mean running and squeezing it under running water for at least 15 seconds before use.


Skincare Routine

1. Precleanse – A pre cleanser is meant to be used before your cleanser to take your make up off. If you are taking your make up off with your cleanser, it is not having the chance to do it’s job. Wipe your make up off and open up those pores so that you can really clean them properly.
2. Cleanser – The only product I use morning and night. This Dermalogica cleanser is a great, gentle option that I have used for 3 years now. I have tried others and always come back to this one.
3. Acne Cleanser – While I’ve tried higher end acne cleansers I always come back to this one for two reasons. 1) It is under $10 and 2) It has 10% benzoyl peroxide which is an acne fighting ingredient. Most other products have between 2-5%. I don’t use this product every day, but I do most! If you experience hormonal or random acne, I highly suggest working a second, acne-fighting cleanser into your routine. I know it seems a little excessive to have multiple cleansers, but it has made all of the difference for my skin!
4. Toner – A newer product to me (< a year) and I’ll never use anything else. It is gentle, does not sting or burn my eyes and gets any remaining make up, dirt or gunk off of my face before applying my high end products. You would be surprised how much stuff can come off of your face even after 3 cleansers! I use the toner with a cotton pad and just run it all over my face.
5. Face Oil – If I was stranded on a deserted island, this is the one product I would bring! I swear by it. I have a few face oils but this is the only own I couldn’t live without. It has drastically reduced my hormonal acne. It has tea tree and salicylic acid which are two acne fighting ingredients. I look forward to this step every night!
6. Face Serum – My second must have product that has drastically changed my skin since using it. This serum has lactic acid in it which minimizes pore size, fine lines and smoothes skin. I have seen a noticeable difference since using this product when it comes to my pore sizes and minimizing my acne scars too. It also feels AMAZING going on your skin. It tingles a little bit. In a good way 🙂
7. Moisturizer – I don’t use a moisturizer every night. I use this moisturizer on two occasions. 1) when my skin really needs a little extra TLC and 2) when I want to tan my face because I mix my face tanning drop with it. I like this moisturizer better than others because it is a thinner consistency so the tanning drops mix in easily, it has SPF 50 and smells like ginger!
8. Spot Treatment – This is a newer product to me and I haven’t decided if I love it or not or when is best to use it but if I have a pimple, I will put this on it before bed and let it dry out overnight. You apply the product with a Q-tip to the pimple and let the product dry before going to bed and then wash it off in the morning. If it works properly, your blemish should be noticeably smaller in the morning! No pimple is created equal and this doesn’t work for every pimple. I have found it really only works for those stubborn, underground pimples. Also, it can only be used for untouched blemishes, once you poke or “pop” them, it does not work and should not be used.
9. Face Tanner – I have not had the chance to try out the Isle of Paradise drops that everyone is raving about but I have used these for years and love them. You just add a few drops to your daily moisturizer and it creates a gradual, natural tan. I just use this for my face. I have heard that people use the Isle of Paradise ones on other parts of their body by adding the drops to their body lotion.
10. Body Tanner – My ride or die self tanner. No matter what shade you are, I always suggest the dark shade. It gives the most natural looking tan and you are able to control how dark you want. All of the other St. Tropez shades that I have tried haven’t given me the level of darkness that I want. This one works for all seasons. The longer you leave it on the darker you will get. I apply the mousse with a tanning mitt (you must), let it dry, and then sleep in it. I typically leave it on for at least 8 hours before washing it off for maximum darkness. It will get on clothing and sheets and has a self tanner smell but it will wash out. I typically wear loose, dark clothing to bed.
11. Tanning Mitt – I use this to apply my self tanner. If you are using any kind of semi-permanent self tanner you will want to use a mitt so you do not stain your hands.
12. Instant Tan – Another new product that I LOVE. If I forget to self tan or just want a one time tan, this is the best product! It’s more like a body make up than a tanner. It comes out as a lotion and you just rub it into any area that you want to tan. You do not want to put it on areas that will touch clothes as it will rub off. It gives a very natural, not orange, sun kissed look.


Hair Care Routine

  1. Brush – The best brush for wet or dry hair!
  2. Shampoo – My everyday shampoo that is great for color treated hair and smells SO good. I’ve also noticed that I could go longer in between washes when I started using this!
  3. Conditioner – I love this conditioner! It leaves my hair silky smooth and smelling AMAZING.
  4. Hair Mask – Since I put so much heat on my hair, I try to do a deep conditioner once a week to give my hair a little TLC. If you use a lot of heat or find that your hair feels dry or damaged, I highly suggest this product. You apply it in the shower, leave it on for 5+ minutes and then wash it out. It’s like a normal conditioner but on steroids 🙂
  5. Hair Dryer – The hype is real about the T3 hair dryers. While they take a little bit longer to dry, they aren’t nearly as drying or damaging as others. My hair feels much smoother after using the T3 than others.
  6. Curling Iron – The perfect size barrel and I love that you can control the heat of this iron. 1.25″ is the perfect size curl as you can brush it out for a loose wave or leave the tighter curl for a more polished look.
  7. Curling Wand – Again, the perfect sized barrel! If you are more of a wand girl than an iron, this is my best wand on the market and budget friendly too!
  8. Straightener – I’ve had my Chi straightener for over 10 years and still love it!
  9. Dry Shampoo – The best dang dry shampoo out there. I love the coconut smell and that it does not leave a white, residue in my hair. Also I feel like other brands have left noticeably more build up which ends up forcing me to wash my hair,, whereas this one does not.
  10. Texturizing Hair Spray – I personally do not use a texturizing spray but LOVE this product. It doubles as a texturizing and hair spray. It is flexible enough to be sprayed all over without the firm hold of a hairspray yet still hold all day! Like the name, it gives you that “wind blown” effect. Think sex hair in a can 😉
  11. Heat Protectant – Not only does this heat protectant smell like absolute heaven (no really you will want to bathe in it), it protects your hair up to 450 degrees. I use this before I blow dry my hair and before I apply any sort of hot tools.
  12. Purple Shampoo – Purple shampoo is not just for blondes! If you have any sort of highlights, I highly suggest purple shampoo. Bleached hair (any sort of highlights) will naturally start to get a slight yellow/orange tint if  not treated. Purple shampoo will make those blonde pieces blonde again. Or even if you are not blonde, it will lighten the lighter pieces of your hair to a more cool tone than warm tone. I use the purple shampoo once a week.
  13. Silk Pillowcase – I swear by this product! It has been a complete game changer for my hair. I can go much longer between hair washes and it keeps my curls in tact so that I don’t have to touch them up every day. See more of the benefits here.


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Bikini Body Ready with Ebay

Ebay Lululemon workout outfit

Would you believe me if I told you I scored this entire outfit (sunglasses and shoes included) for 30-60% off?! eBay does it again! I almost never pay full price for anything, especially name brand items, anymore before hitting up and searching for it first. All of my designer items have come from eBay and my most recent discovery on my road to “bikini body ready” has been their athletic wear selection starting at just $14.99! *insert praise hands here*

Ebay Lululemon workout outfit

Ebay Lululemon workout outfitEbay Lululemon workout outfitEbay Lululemon workout outfit

Photos by: Banavenue

Up until a few weeks ago the only workout that my body was accustomed to was raising a glass of wine but with Miami swim week approaching I decided to kick the workouts into high gear. And by high gear I mean a few easy, at home workouts that can make you lose five pounds and gain a six pack in less than a month. Totally possible right?! The Internet says yes so that means it has to be true…

I’m a firm believer in fake it till you make it. While I feel like a total “newbie” working out, looking the part is half of the battle. Speaking from experience, your old college t-shirts and ratty shorts don’t make you feel all that pumped up to work out. Plus all of the cool gym kids these days are wearing Lululemon which apparently makes you feel 10X cooler and more excited to work out. The problem here is that I have never been able to justify Lululemon or other expensive activewear brands because before a month ago the most action my athletic clothes saw was a leisurely trip to Chick-fil-a and Target.

After my first at home workout, I decided to “treat” myself to a legitimate athletic outfit. I say treat lightly because you know I can’t buy anything full price when I can get it for less somewhere else! Since the Abercrombie and Hollister days, eBay has been my best kept secret for scoring great deals. For high dollar, out of stock, or designer items, eBay has saved the day and my wallet on countless occasions. Now that I have discovered their amazing stock of athletic wear, I’d be surprised if I ever pay full price for brands like LululemonAthleta, Lorna Jane or Nike ever again!

Most people I’ve shared my hidden secret with have had no idea that the majority of items on eBay are actually new with tags (NWT in eBay terms) and most have free shipping too. With over 1 billion listings, eBay can get overwhelming pretty fast if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to narrow down what you are looking for.


  • If the item is still online at the retailer site, copy the exact product name on the retailer’s site then head to and paste it into the search bar. I almost always add NWT onto the beginning of the search so that it only pulls back listings that are brand new.
  • If the item is out of stock online, but I know exactly the name of the item that I am looking for, I will describe the item down to the size and color that I want. For ex: Aquamarine Cool racerback Lululemon tank size 4
  • If the item is out of stock online, but I don’t know the exact name of the item, I will describe the item as best as I can and still include size and color. For ex: blue racerback Lululemon size 4.


  • While bidding on high dollar items can pay off, I tend to stick to the “buy it now” option. It’s faster and easier to use while still scoring a great deal. I normally use the “make an offer” feature for designer purses, shoes and sunglasses but stick to the “buy it now” option for clothing.
  • I will only buy from sellers that accept returns. While I have personally never had a bad experience purchasing from eBay, I feel more comfortable knowing that I can return the item if it gets delivered damaged or not as pictured. This will be stated on the listing.
  • Make sure you check shipping prices! If a listing looks too good to be true, check the shipping cost before doing a happy dance. Some sellers will try to stick it to you with the shipping prices. I personally look for sellers that offer free shipping. This will be stated on the listing.

Bikini body workout routine

Now that you look the part, let’s work on that bikini body. For days that you can’t (or don’t want to) make it to the gym, these easy workouts get the job done for a full body workout with a major focus on your core.


3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

I do a series of abs but always include crunches, pike ups, and leg raises. For crunches I will always throw in some alternating sides to work my entire core and obliques. I stick to reps of 20 each: 20 up, 20 right, 20 left, 20 alternating sides. For pike ups, I will do 20 with my legs in a pike position and reaching towards my butt and then 20 reaching for my toes but every time you bring your hands down you also bring your legs down too making sure to never touch the ground (this is the hard part). For leg raises, I sit on my hands and raise my feet about a foot off the ground and hold it for 20 seconds. I do 3 reps of each of these exercises.


3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

3 easy, at home ab workouts

Find a ledge or chair to do these exercises. I first do 3 reps of 20 arm dips with my legs extended. The key with all of these exercises is to flex your core. This will work out your abs as well. Next, I face down like I am doing a push up on the ledge. I do 3 reps of normal push ups and then staying in the push up position I will alternate bringing my knee up to my chest. This will work your abs and arms. Again do 3 reps of 20.

*Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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