Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather Wishes

It might be 75 degrees in Houston today but that sure wasn’t the case last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows next week (kidding!). So today’s outfit is in hopes that Houston isn’t done with the winter weather quite yet! Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be opposed to pulling out my spring clothes but I feel like we just put them away less than 2 months ago. My winter clothes would be jealous if they only got to come out of hiding for such a short time. 🙂


These velour pants were my proudest find after the J Crew fall clearance sale. I scored them along with a few other pairs for $7. No, I didn’t leave a digit off of that price tag! They seemed too good to be true and I still think that they are. I wear them almost once a week to work while its cold because they are so comfortable and warm. Their rich color makes them a triple threat! I’ve linked a similar, more expensive pair below but I highly recommend hitting up your local outlet mall to find a pair. Since we are heading into spring, most stores have their winter stuff on major sale and I have seen these velour pants at many stores!


These booties were a splurge this season and well worth every penny. If I had a dollar for every compliment I have received I could buy another pair! I know the price tag is pretty big but if you are looking for some high quality booties I would highly recommend these. I always try to link a cheaper option for you as well so here are some very similar booties for only $38.



Sweater (similar) // Pants (similar) // Shoes // Earrings // Ring // Sunglasses

I hope you all are enjoying your week. It’s a four day work week for me which is exciting but somehow my short weeks seem to be my busiest! Anyone else have that problem? Last night I had a blog event, tonight I have bible study and tomorrow I have wine club, but I can’t complain because I secretly love being busy!

Photography By: Kamden Photography




Black and white.





Sweater (similar): Macy’s // Shirt: Shop Bop // Leggings (old): Zara // Booties (similar): Forever 21 // Necklace (old): Lucky Brand

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had as nice and relaxing of a weekend as I did 🙂 I am a little more giddy this Monday morning than I usually am because today is the only day I will be coming in to work this week. I’m headed to Belize tomorrow morning with some of my favorite girlies and the beach is calling my name!! If you want to follow along while I sip on pina coladas all week you can follow me on Snapchat. My username is @shelbiadams.

This weekend Houston decided to show us a glimpse at what winter weather feels like and I took full advantage. These leather leggings from Zara will be on repeat this season because they spruce up every outfit and are so darn comfortable. The rest of this look came from my two favorite thrifty stores: Ross and Marshalls. I have linked similar options for you all!