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Valentine’s Day Looks around $100


I know, I know Valentine’s Day seems like it is forever away right? Well normally I’m not very proactive and it always bites me in the butt, especially around the holidays or event season. I’ll wait until the last minute to get an outfit and then Nordstrom will be out of my size and then it’s like you might as well just give up if Nordstrom of all places doesn’t have anything!!

So in order to prevent you from going through this traumatic process, I’ve rounded up 10 dresses right at or below $100. Several are less than $75 and a few are even less than $50. I feel like there are very few times that us girls get to dress up throughout the year and Valentine’s Day is one of those days so take advantage! Maybe splurge just a bit and pick something out that you are going to feel HOT in! Even if you aren’t celebrating with a hot date this year, I think we can both agree that you deserve a little present to yourself. Need a little justification? Think about the money that you are saving not having to buy your significant other a gift. BAM! Now go ahead and click purchase on that little red dress you put in your basket but weren’t actually planning to buy 😉

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Pink Peplum & How to Use Like To Know It

Ok we continue on with our week of Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration! Don’t forget to read all the way to the bottom of the post because I have a little “how to” on Like To Know It. Don’t know what that is? Well its your new best friend so see below! As some of you may know, I have a full time job as a supply analyst. Because of this, I am in business casual attire Monday through Friday so having a look that I can transition from the office to after work functions is important to me. And it’s not always easy to pull off either. I battle with wanting to be comfortable yet professional at work and then fashionable yet not too done up after work. Can you see how that might get a little difficult trying to please all of those requirements in a single outfit?!image

This peplum trend is definitely one of my favorites. It is so flattering! Any top that lets my stomach expand (because let’s be honest you are bound to have a food baby some days after lunch) without actually showing it is a good top in my book! Plus when a top can be bold on it’s own, it doesn’t require you to pile on accessories. I usually tend to wear minimal jewelry as it is so I try to to spice up my outfit where I can!





Pink and cheetah… could it get more girly? They really do pair so nicely together!


Top (similar) // Pants // Shoes // Bracelets (similar) // Earrings (similar) // Lipstick

As girly as I am, I can honestly say that pink is not a very common color in my closet. This pink peplum is flirty and bold- 2 qualities your outfit should be for Valentine’s Day! I’m proving that you don’t have to get done up in a dress to look sexy. Hot pink and cheetah does the trick as well! If you are loving this peplum trend and what to try it in a dress version, I went ahead and found some options here and here.

For more office inspired looks check out my most recent post on my #girlboss suit here.

How to Use Like to Know It

What is it?– A shopping tool for instagram. It allows you to like any photo that has a #liketkit hashtag and you will instantly receive an email with direct links to where the items were purchased from so you can shop straight from your phone!

How to use it– Sign up here. It will ask you to sign in to your instagram and enter your email. This email is where you will get all of the shoppable links so make sure it’s one that you regularly use! Now when you are using instagram and come across somebody that uses Like to Know It you simply like the photo. You can easily tell who uses Like To Know It because they will have a #liketkit and a link at the end of their post. You will receive an email within 5 minutes with the instagram photo that you liked and the direct links to where you can purchase that same or similar item. It’s THAT easy!

Benefits– You will never have to ask “Where did you get that?” again. You can shop directly from your phone. Most times I, or anybody else that uses Like To Know It, will let you know the price before you shop it. It is convenient and hassle free. This is perfect for those that don’t want to spend time searching for a particular product.

Have more questions about this amazing tool? Please ask me! If you are another blogger or brand wanting to use Like to Know It and have questions on how to apply let me know!


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